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Coma (season 1)

3,109 views Comments (4)

Coma A&E 2012 poster

2 episodes

A young medical student discovers that something sinister is going on in her hospital after routine procedures send more than a few seemingly healthy patients into comas on the operating table. More …


Melissa & Joey (season 2)

42,219 views Comments (16)

Melissa & Joey season 2 2012

15 episodes + Complete season 1

This multi-comedy Melissa & Joey is about politics Melissa Burke Joey(Hart), who had gone in the footsteps of their parents. After her sister came to prison, and brother-in-law disappeared with the scandal, she takes the care of two nephews.  Longo (Lawrence) literally bursting at the family. This is the guy who stole money the brother-in-law Melissa. Now he’s so desperate for work, he agrees to become a nurse even.

More …


The Newsroom (season 1)

15,629 views Comments (27)

the newsroom HBO season 1 2012 poster

10 episodes

Aaron Sorkin’s new drama. Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) runs a primary anchor of a failing 24-hour news network. He and his team are ready to break the monotony of the program and the existing stereotypes. Their goal – go back to the roots of informing audience. But it is not easy to do. On their way – commercial and political obstacles, personal relationships, and much more … More …


Anger Management (season 1)

9,645 views Comments (18)

Anger Management fx 2012 poster

10 episodes

The TV series was created based on a feature film in 2003 with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson in the lead roles. The hero of the series Charlie Goodson for a long time holding back his anger. But one day he could not restrain himself, and was sentenced to attend anger management courses. The guy will have to learn self-control. Do not think it’s that simple. But most of all knows about it, probably, Charlie Sheen, after all he was given a major role in the new TV show. More …


NYC 22 (season 1)

1,757 views Comments (12)

NYC 22 cbs season 1 poster

13 episodes

It’s the story of six recruits in New York City Police, which patrolling the streets of upper Manhattan. Among the new interns Jennifer “White House” Perry, a former star college volleyball team and a Marine in Iraq; Ray “Lazarus” Harper – the oldest rookie and former police reporter with the best sources of information than most hardened police; Tonya Sanchez, who is from a family with a criminal history; Ahmad “Kiterunner” Khan, an Afghan native who has chosen his path to freedom; Kenny McLaren, a policeman in the fourth generation with great instincts, but with the inability to correct the use of force, and Jayson “Jackpot” Toney, a young basketball legend who has lost his chance in the NBA. They have a demanding chief. Officer Daniel “Yoda” Dean – insensitive, unsentimental veteran of the Army, which teaches the basics and thinks every police officer responsible for their actions. The culmination of the team is Sgt. Terry Howard – an officer in plain clothes, who teaches recruits how to keep gangs at bay. Beginners have to admit the portion of error, finding out how they should talk with their boss and with the people, which they were sworn to protect … More …


Falling Skies (season 2)

39,196 views Comments (42)

Falling Skies TNT season 2 2012 poster

10 episodes

TV serias Falling Skies, created with the participation of Steven Spielberg, tells the alien invasion, which destroyed almost the entire population of the planet, and a group of people, which is doing their best not to join the majority.

More …


Franklin & Bash (season 2)

4,488 views Comments (20)

Franklin and Bash TNT season 2 2012 poster

10 episodes

Two lawyers was taken to work  after their victory in the trial of the famous law firm. Jared Franklin has a gift that helps him to convince the judge. But Peter Bash gets involved in such stories that bring trouble to him and the authorities. More …


Teen Wolf (season 2)

45,333 views Comments (17)

Teen Wolf season 2

12 episodes

Scott was just a regular guy, until one sting has not changed his life forever. Now he struggles to understand who he is and what he can become. Only time will tell whether he should take his newfound power, or fear them.

More …


The Closer (season 7)

6,170 views Comments (40)

closer TNT season 7 2012 poster

21 episodes

The series tells of the harsh everyday life of a woman detective, held training in the CIA. The film takes place in Los Angeles. The task of the new head of the department to combat the most serious crimes Brenda Lee Johnson – investigation of the murders. Her extraordinary personality and unique approach to work shocked fellow – men. She is ready to make any sacrifice for the sake of truth.

More …


Longmire (season 1)

11,936 views Comments (14)

Longmire A&E 2012 poster

10 episodes

Main character Walt Longmire is a tough guy. Only a year has passed since that moment his wife died, and the hero has not yet recovered from his grief. But no one sees his suffering, because  the sheriff is always cheerful and kind  among the people. It is applies to law-abiding citizens, but if a person violated the law, Longmire comes with him as the offender deserves. More …