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The Glades (season 3)

2,920 views Comments (7)

The Glades A&E Season 3 2012 Poster

10 episodes

It’s the story of Jim Longworth, a Chicago detective. After false accusations of an affair with the wife of captain, he moved to a small town in Florida, where golf and sunshine in abundance, and crime, it would seem, is minimized. However, life in the town is not as great as was seen at a glance. The crime rate here is incredibly high. More …


Common Law (season 1)

5,658 views Comments (3)

Common Law season 1 2012 usa poster

12 episodes

The series is about two cops – Wes Mitchell and Travis Marks. Being partners, they were dream team of the Department of Los Angeles. Now Wes and Travis could not stand each other. Captain sends them to a course of therapy for the pairs, to revive the sagging professional relationships. Often, however, guarantee of a good relationship is not in love with the same things – you just have to hate the same thing. More …


Dallas (season 1)

9,840 views Comments (12)

Dallas TNT season 1 2012 poster

10 episodes

TNT has ordered 10 episodes of the new drama series Dallas, the original version of which started from 1978 to 1991 on CBS. It is a continuation of the cult television series of the eighties about the family of oil magnate John Ross Ewing. The main characters of  this remake will be the descendants of the implacable brothers Ewing: Christopher – the son of Bobby Ewing and John Ross – son of JR Ewing. The struggle among the heirs would call into question not only the future of the Ewing dynasty, but the fate of Southfork. More …


Continuum (season 1)

23,718 views Comments (26)

Continuum Showcase season 1 2012 poster

10 episodes

Cop Kiera Cameron woke up in 2012 in Vancouver. While earlier she was in 2077. In addition to her eight most dangerous criminals, known as Liber8 moved 65 years ago also. With the help of CMR (cellular memory recall – chip technology implanted in her brain), she connects with 17-year-old computer genius Alec Sadler. Thus, their joint work begins. Kiera, of course, wants to go home very much, but she understands that need to neutralize the eight terrorists who want to take over the world and change the future. In a strange to her city, Kiera finds an ally – Detective Carlos Fonnegra of the Special Investigations Unit. Together, they will fight against the cruel murderers of Liber8. More …


Jane By Design (season 1)

10,788 views Comments (7)

Jane by Design season 1 poster

18 episodes

The TV series tells of sixteen-year-Jane, who got a job in fashion retail company, where she was mistaken for an adult. Now she combines the life of an ordinary teenager and assistant influential chief of the in the ruthless world of fashion. Also, Jane is trying to keep secret her true identity … More …


Dynamo: Magician Impossible (season 2)

5,590 views Comments (19)

Dynamo Magician Impossible poster

4 episodes

Do you believe in miracles? Then the TV show “Dynamo: Magician Impossible” is right for you. British magician Dynamo conjures the amazing tricks that are difficult to explain only one sleight of hand. Illusionist show its most fascinating numbers. Dynamo assistants will be ordinary people and celebrities. More …


Wilfred (season 1)

3,435 views Comments (8)

Wilfred FX season 1 2011 poster

13 episodes

This is the story of manic depressive man who inexplicably is the only one man who can see a dog of his neighbor, as a grown man dressed as a dog. More …


Eureka (season 5)

4,410 views Comments (10)

eureka season 5 SyFy 2012 poster

13 episodes

Cable channel SyFy extended TV series Eureka for a fifth season. Eureka is a constant participant SyFy, while maintaining its excellent cast and a perfect blend of drama, comedy and attractions. The idea of the show is like the viewers of all ages. Eureka is the city of most brilliant scientists and simply a paradise for every citizen. More …


Gossip Girl (season 4)

4,779 views Comments (10)

Gossip Girl The CW season 4 2010 poster

22 episodes

Blair spends a remarkable summer in Paris, not knowing that her former lover was shot. But no matter how much Blair did not try to distract themselves from pain caused by Chuck, his mysterious appearance in Paris in the company of beautiful women make again to look at what happened. Meanwhile, Serena enjoys again a lonely Parisian summer of love in the company of two guys, trying to escape from the imminent decision on its long-time lovers Nate and Dan. On the Upper East Side Nate meets a mysterious girl named Juliet, who helps him to understand that sexual conquests of the summer with a small black Chuck’s booklet, it was only an attempt to escape from unresolved feelings for Serena. The drama with the Georgina baby and Dan continues. A van der Woodsen home buzzing with preparations for an upcoming fashion event “Fashion’s Night Out”. More …


Episodes (season 2)

4,304 views Comments (18)

episodes showtime season 2 2012 poster

9 episodes

Husband and wife writers Sean and Beverly Lincoln received a tempting offer to make an American version of the successful British series. Full of hopes for a new happy life under the hot sun of Los Angeles, they are still not aware that  Hollywood machine of creation a TV show prepares them. “Episodes” was the weakest link in the rating in the Sunday lineup Showtime, but even so it is extended for a second season.

More …