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Flashpoint (season 4)

17,046 views Comments (30)

Flashpoint 4 season

18 episodes

SRU is Strategic Response Unit. They save hostages, confront gangs, defuse bombs, and solve complex conflict situations. They look to ordinary people. But every corpse they leave behind them, places a heavy burden on their shoulders … More …


Bag of Bones (season 1)

3,768 views Comments (5)

Bag of Bones Season 1

2 parts

Mike Noonan’s wife Joanna died from an aneurysm. After the death of her world famous author of mystical novels intentionally makes himself a recluse, cut off from the rest of the world. But after a few years, and by coincidence, the writer meets a girl Mattie, which falls in love, though not willing to admit it to himself. His life begins anew. After recognition to newly-minted bride Mike will face at least a terrible nightmare, than the death of his wife. Mystical adventure, realistic scary dreams, cruel Mattie’s relatives trying to send a writer to the next world, and certainly Joanna appears from time to time … Her ghost all the time trying to save Mike from wrong step … More …


Enlightened (season 1)

2,571 views Comments (7)

enlightned season 1

10 episodes

Cable channel HBO has prepared a new comedy series called “Enlightened”. The first season will consist of 10 episodes.
The main role plays Laura Dern, winner of the award “Oscar”. She plays a woman with a difficult past, which was determined to live a new enlightened life after her spiritual awakening, to sow discord at work and at home. More …


Boardwalk Empire (season 2)

18,616 views Comments (35)

Boardwalk Empire HBO season 2 2011 poster

12 episodes

The second season continues the story about the life of Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson. Еhere are dangerous competitors in the alcohol market. Jimmy and Al Capone is rapidly gaining credibility. In addition, the Nucky’s  begins to interfere with the  activity of American mafioso named Bugsy Seagel . That he had the idea to make a Las Vegas  the city of entertainment and  to build the first casino. More …


Boss (season 1)

9,621 views Comments (13)

Boss 1 season

8 episodes

The plot revolves around Tom Kane mayor of Chicago. He was diagnosed with a degenerative mental disease that begins to affect his memory and judgment. However, the disease known only to himself the mayor and his doctor. All close to Tom, including his wife Meredith are still in the dark. More …


Neverland (season 1)

6,022 views Comments (4)

Neverland poster SyFy 2011

2 parts

“Neverland” is the series about an orphaned Peter, who had to make a living himself , and together with friends, they steal from the street. A Jimmy Hook is engaged in catching these crooks, and uses them for their own selfish purposes. Now he has decided to use them to steal a magical treasure that can move the holder to another world called Neverland. This is the Kingdom, where people of all ages brought together. You can find the pirates of the 18th century, a tribe of Indians, and much more there. Peter with his friends and Hook came in this world.

More …


Warehouse 13 (season 3)

6,374 views Comments (8)

Warehouse 13 SyFy poster season 3 2011

13 episodes

Warehouse 13 is still collecting all the mystery and the supernatural. Adventures of a top-secret government agents Pete Lattimer and Myka Bering continues. In the close-knit team comes rookie – agent Steve Jinks. Steve is able to recognize a lie … More …


Haven (season 2)

6,068 views Comments (23)

Haven poster SyFy season 2 2011

13 episodes

The series filmed on the novel by Stephen King’s “The Colorado Kid”. FBI agent Audrey Parker comes to the small Haven city to investigate the death of the former offender. She went to the epicenter of this unusual enclave because of their natural curiosity, which which served as a haven for people with supernormal since olden times. There is a police Nathan Wuornos, who became a partner to Audrey,and a mysterious and charismatic all-rounder Duke Crocker among the local residents of the city.

More …


Sons of Anarchy (season 4)

10,167 views Comments (40)

Sons of Anarchy FX season 4 2011 poster

14 episodes

The plot revolves around a gangster biker club, called the “Sons of Anarchy”, which trades in a suburb of Los Angeles selling weapons. They sell weapons, but does not allow to distribute drugs in his city. Biker club to protect the city. Despite this, they have many enemies: the rival faction Mayans, Irish terrorists from IRA, local police … More …


Covert Affairs (season 2)

7,853 views Comments (11)

Covert Affairs USA Network poster season 2 2011

16 episodes

FBI agent trainee – Annie Walker – is the main character. She speaks 6 languages fluently, and easily reaches success in anything she starts. However, one day Annie notices that her bosses are much more interested in her ex-boyfriend instead. More …