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Red Dwarf (season 12)

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Red Dwarf (season 12) tv show poster

6 episodes

The main events of the series “Red Dwarf” are connected with the same spacecraft, which belongs to the mining company. On board the ship there was a surge of radiation, so almost all living things died. Only the technique Dave Lister, who at the time of the tragedy was in the moderator of time, and the pregnant cat trapped in the cargo compartment, managed to survive. The on-board computer accurately calculates when it is possible to wake up Dave to prevent the radiation background from killing him. For this reason, the hero spends three million years in hibernation. He is now the only representative of the human race. The anthropoid descendant of that cat is now his companion. Their flight accompanies adventures, encounters with enemies and allies, discoveries and amazing facts from the life of the new world. The team is periodically supplemented and left colorful characters. They have the ultimate goal, but no one canceled passing missions, so Dave and his friends are not bored.

Original Title: Red Dwarf
Country: UK
Release Date: 2017
Genres: Comedy, Sci-Fi
Creator: Doug Naylor, Rob Grant, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Grant Naylor Productions, Paul Jackson Productions
Cast: Craig Charles, Danny John-Jules, Chris Barrie, Robert Llewellyn

Runtime: 30 min
Language: English, Esperanto


Episode 1: (405.68 MB)
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720p: (890.90 MB)
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Episode 2: (378.30 MB)
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Episode 3: (374.67 MB)
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Episode 4: (385.35 MB)
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Episode 5: (372.38 MB)
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Episode 6: (388.78 MB)
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