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Torchwood: Miracle Day (season 4)

7,870 views Comments (23)

Torchwood Miracle Day 4 season

10 episodes

Science fiction TV series about the events at Cardiff department of a fictious “Torchwood institute” which is studying supernatural phenomenons. In the center of attention there is a team headed by the Captain Jack Harkness who investigates the crimes connected with both people and aliens using alien technologies on the expanse of Great Britain. More …


Friends with Benefits (season 1)

11,955 views Comments (10)

Friends with Benefits 1 season

13 episodes

The company of twenty years old people trying to understand the complex and confusing world of meetings. Ben Lewis is looking for the perfect woman, and his best friend, Sara Maxwell, is looking for a man with whom she could start a family. Ben and Sarah have long been accustomed to treat each other for moral and physical help at that time while they wait for their betrotheds. Their friend Aaron Greenway is a romantic at heart. And he does not approve a difficult friendship of Ben and Sarah. But Aaron, as a womanizer Julian ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald, and straight Riley is busy with their love misery. More …


Rookie Blue (season 2)

9,510 views Comments (8)

Rookie Blue 2 season

13 episodes

This drama is about five rookie police officers which have to study the bases of profession, working as constabulary in a large town. Any error can become mortal. It will show us, as five main characters were in the police academy. Now they work together. And first of all they will have to know that any academy will not prepare them to life. More …


Suits (season 1)

32,318 views Comments (28)

Suits 1 season

12 episodes

There is  a remarkable, but unmotivated young man named Mike Ross, who did not finish college, in the center of the plot. He has all necessary qualities to become a good lawyer, but he hasn’t a diploma. But powerful law firm in Manhattan, led by Harvey Specter employ him thanks to the knowledge of street laws and pushy, not always an honest doing.

More …


Louie (season 2)

2,283 views Comments (10)

Louie FX poster season 2 2011

13 episodes

It is a story of successful comedian conversational genre of New York, who became the father of a loner recently. But he can not only raise two daughters, and go on dates. Main character name is Louie. And I would note, this TV show kind of autobiography of the series creator Louis C.K. More …


Rescue Me (season 7)

1,844 views Comments (4)

Rescue Me 7 season

 9 episodes

Daily firefighter Tommy Gavin and his colleagues challenge to the the fire. Save lives – it is his duty and vocation. But who will save the privacy of the Tommy, which burns a blue flame? Tommy recently divorced, and his three children were living with their mother. Unable to be away from his former family, Tommy takes up residence in a house opposite the ex-wife to look after her and the children. This unusual neighborhood becomes the cause of many of the situations, as funny and dramatic. More …


Combat Hospital (season 1)

6,127 views Comments (14)

Combat Hospital 1 season

13 episodes

This is a medical drama. The action takes place at a military hospital in Afghanistan. More …


The Glades (season 2)

3,081 views Comments (8)

The Glades 2 season

13 episodes 

“The Glades” – the abbreviation for the town in Florida – the Everglades. A detective from the Homicide Jim Longworth makes an indelible impression on women, he  is a smart and handsome man, but a little hard to communicate. He had to leave Chicago after a unpleasant experience when his boss, police captain,  had shot him, suspecting a love affair between him and his wife. Love affair with his wife head existed only in the fantasy of police captain, but very real trouble expect Jim. After leaving Chicago, not willingly, he settled in the town Palm Glades, where life is like as quiet swamp, burning rays of the sun’s infinite Florida. More …


Memphis Beat (season 2)

1,548 views Comments (0)

Memphis Beat 2 season

10 episodes

Dwight Hendricks is a policeman from Memphis who still lives with his mother. However, he’s got a special connection with the town like no other. More …


The Nine Lives of Chloe King (season 1)

4,982 views Comments (5)

The Nine Lives of Chloe King 1 season
10 episodes

Once the girl of sixteen Chloe King gets super powers and detects that someone chases her. Soon Chloe  discovers that she is a descendant of an ancient race, to which killers were hunted for thousands of years. And now she is the sheet anchor for survival of this race … More …