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Please Like Me (season 1)

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Please Like Me (season 1) tv show poster

6 episodes

This is a wonderfully awkward and honest comedy drama that draws on Josh’s stand up and life. It sheds light on a variety of relevant issues that impact the Millennial audience and deal with topics including family relationships, sexuality and mental health.

Original Title: Please Like Me
Country, Channel: Australia, ABC2, Pivot
Release Date: August 1, 2013
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Creator: Josh Thomas
Cast: Josh Thomas as Josh, Wade Briggs as Geoffrey, Thomas Ward as Tom, Debra Lawrance as Mum Rose, David Roberts as Dad Alan, Judi Farr as Aunty Peg, Caitlin Stasey as Claire, Renee Lim as Mae, Nikita Leigh-Pritchard as Niamh, Andrew Gilbert as Rod

Runtime: 30 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Rhubarb and Custard ( 233,17 MB)
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Episode 2: French Toast (233,18 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | NitroFlare

Episode 3: Portuguese Custard Tarts (233,23 MB)
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Episode 4: All You Can Eat (233,28 MB)
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Episode 5: Spanish Eggs (233,47 MB)
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Episode 6: Horrible Sandwiches (233,21 MB)
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