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Quick Draw (season 2)

4,282 views Comments (6)

Quick Draw (season 2) tv show poster

8 episodes

TV show is returning for a second season. Western series follows the latest sheriff of Great Bend, Kansas: John Henry Hoyle, who has a good shot, a degree from Harvard and tries to bring the science of forensics to the Wild West.

Original Title: Quick Draw
Country, Channel: USA, Hulu
Release Date: August 7, 2014
Genres: Comedy, Western
Creators: Nancy Hower, John Lehr
Cast: John Lehr, Nick Brown, Allison Dunbar, Alexia Dox, Bob Clendenin, Kate Frisbee, David Hoffman, Michael Anastasia, Tasha Ames, Tim Bagley, Frances Callier

Runtime: 22 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Wedding Bells (218,81 MB)
Terafile | Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 2: Deacon Jim (268,92 MB)
Terafile | Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 3: Chinatown (75,32 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | Terafile

Episode 4: The Grasshopper Plague (75,32 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share | Terafile

Episode 5: The Tale of Edwin Starr (233,28 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 6: Nicodemus Reloaded (80,66 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 7: Election Night (132,90 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 8: Up Staged! (74,02 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share


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  • Al Gore

    could you please re-up on publish2 ’cause ep3 & 4 aren’t the right links?

  • master_web

    sorry, i fixed

  • Basia

    will you upload the webisodes too, please?

  • master_web

    When they be network, we add them

  • Willb

    I see that episodes 9 and 10 of Series 2 are available. Can you get these please?