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Red Band Society (season 1)

13,105 views Comments (10)

Red Band Society (season 1) tv show poster

13 episodes

The comic high school drama told through the eyes of a group of teenagers who meet as patients in the pediatric ward of Ocean Park Hospital in Los Angeles. Twelve-year-old narrator Charlie is in a coma in the hospital. Charlie’s friends and fellow patients include Jordi Palacios, a 16-year-old who illegally crosses the Mexican border into California to seek out treatment at the renowned hospital. What he soon discovers is that it’s not his illness that’s going to change his life, but his new friends. Although many young patients who are seriously ill make complete recoveries, that day seems a long way off for these teens. And as they confront questions of life and death which no one at that age should have to face, a kinship based on these shared experiences is created – a bond represented by the red hospital bands issued to them upon admittance. This is the story of the RED BAND SOCIETY.

Original Title: Red Band Society
Country, Channel: USA, FOX
Release Date: September 17, 2014
Genres: Drama
Creator: Margaret Nagle
Cast: Octavia Spencer as Nurse Jackson, Griffin Gluck as Charlie, Zoe Levin as Kara, Dave Annable as Dr. McAndrew, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Nurse Dobler, Charlie Rowe as Leo, Brian Bradley as Dash, Ciara Bravo as Emma, Nolan Sotillo as Jordi

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Pilot (349,27 MB)
Terafile | Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 2: Sole Searching (346,96 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 3: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire (339,70 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 4: There’s No Place Like Homecoming (338,45 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 5: So Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Wan (347,76 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 6: Ergo Ego (348,59 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 7: Chicago Crossover (347,94 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 8: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car (348,25 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 9: How Did We Get Here? (348,08 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 10: What I Did For Love (348,95 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 11: The Guilted Age (355,38 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 12: We’ll Always Have Paris (347,29 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share

Episode 13: Waiting for Superman (347,92 MB)
Publish2 | Keep2share


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  • Sam Evans

    when will you put the next episode !!

  • fj098

    The exact date is not yet known

  • Sam Evans

    ah ok ! thanks :p

  • ilonka faber

    i am having problems with the keep 2 share downloads, i have tried 3 different downloads but they all only download for 30 seconds please can someone help me

  • ilonka faber

    pls help when i use keep2share i only get 30seconds of episode 11

  • fj098

    And now?^

  • fj098


  • ilonka faber

    no still the same problem, even if i “save link as” i don’t get the whole download.

  • fj098

    Try another link