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Saint George (season 1)

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Saint George (season 1) tv show poster

10 episodes

New comedy follows the chaotic life of “George Lopez,” a recently divorced working class Mexican-American turned successful entrepreneur caught between two cultures. He struggles to balance the parenting demands of his All-American Anglo ex-wife, “Mackenzie,” and the cultural expectations of his overbearing Mexican-American mother, “Alma.” As George attempts to relate to his 11-year-old son, “Harper,” his life is further complicated by his fun-loving but freeloading uncle “Tio” and cousin “Junior.” As a wealthy businessman, George also gives back by teaching history to a multi-cultural classroom at a night school in downtown Los Angeles, where he’s supervised by tough and sexy Assistant Principal “Concepcion.” Ultimately, Saint George is a celebration of a multi-generational family that humorously wrestles with cultural differences.

Original Title: Saint George
Country, Channel: USA, FX
Release Date: March 6, 2014
Genres: Comedy
Creators: Matt Williams, David McFadzean, George Lopez
Cast: George Lopez as George Lopez, Jenn Lyon as Mackenzie, Olga Merediz as Alma, Diana Maria Riva as Concepcion, Kaden Gibson as Harper, David Zayas as Junior, Danny Trejo as Tio

Runtime: 30 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Won’t Get Fooled Again (172,32 MB)
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Episode 2: I Wish (177,45 MB)
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Episode 3: Why Can’t We Be Friends? (174,70 MB)
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Episode 4: Having My Baby (176,52 MB)
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Episode 5: Superstition (168,34 MB)
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Episode 6: Carry On Wayward Son (168,73 MB)
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Episode 7: Hit Me With Your Best Shot (169,17 MB)
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Episode 8: Hot Blooded ( 176,56 MB)
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Episode 9: School’s Out (177,28 MB)
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Episode 10: Rich Girl (168,82 MB)
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