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The After (season 1)

11,054 views Comments (13)

The After (season 1) tv show poster

episode 1

The action takes place in Los Angeles, which was closed after something inexplicable happened that cut the city communications. The post-apocalyptic drama focuses on eight strangers who must work together in order to survive in a violent, unpredictable new world.

Original Title: The After
Country, Channel: USA, Amazon
Release Date: February 6, 2014
Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi
Creator: Chris Carter
Cast: Aldis Hodge as Dee, Andrew Howard as McCormack, Arielle Kebbel as Tammy, Jamie Kennedy as Dave, Sharon Lawrence as Francis, Sam Littlefield as Dark Shadow, Louise Monot as Gigi, Jaina Lee Ortiz as Marly Gonzalez, Adrian Pasdar as Wade

Runtime: 60 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Pilot (451,66 MB)
720p: (1,51 GB)


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  • bohori

    when is ep 2 going to be on?

  • master_web

    it is not known.

  • bohori

    Thank you

  • jasikndesit

    maybe the day after tomorrow

  • kingasas33

    what the status of this show? is it discontinued?


    Unknown yet, when will be next episodes.

  • Critics

    why show 1 episode and no more?

  • master_web

    Apparently this series has not reached the necessary ratings for the channel.

  • Khaim79

    Hi, on EP 1 the Audio is messed up, not in synch with the Picture, can you look into it?! Thanks

    p.s. I redownloaded, and its ok now i guess.

  • master_web

    please wait…

  • master_web

    I check ep 1. With sound it’s Ok, try again load…

  • Tina

    That’s how you lose viewers you put on one episode and then there’s never A second episode.

  • master_web

    second episode yet not aired….