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The Awesomes (season 2)

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The Awesomes (season 2) tv show poster

5 episodes

In the second season Malocchio’s will left his son a vial of the serum that made him evil and superpowered. Meanwhile, the mysterious superhero vigilante Metal Fella appears on the scene. Moreover, Perfect Man stands accused of treason and goes to trial for his violent actions under Malocchio’s influence.

Original Title: The Awesomes
Country, Channel: USA, Hulu
Release Date: August 4, 2014
Genres: Animation, Comedy
Creators: Seth Meyers, Mike Shoemaker
Cast: Bill Hader as Dr. Giuseppe Malocchio, Will Forte as Malocchio Jr., Seth Meyers as Professor Dr. Jeremy “Prock” Awesome, Ike Barinholtz as Harry “Muscleman” Strong, Emily Spivey as Concierge, Taran Killam as Zip “Frantic” Danger, Paula Pell as Gadget Gal, Kenan Thompson as Austin “Impresario” Sullivan, Bobby Lee as Sumo, Rashida Jones as Katherine “Hotwire” Malocchio

Runtime: 23 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Hotwires Funeral
720p: (269,70 MB)
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Episode 2: People vs Perfect Man
720p: (245,53 MB)
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Episode 3: Destination Deading (45,57 MB)
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Episode 4: Tim Goes to School (48,41 MB)
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Episode 5: The Awesomes Awesome Show (44,97 MB)
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