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The Casual Vacancy (season 1)

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The Casual Vacancy (season 1) tv show poster

3 episodes

Barry Feyrbrazer has died at the age of 45 in Pegford, he was a member of the local council. This event threw inhabitants into shock. In a provincial English town with cobbled market square and an ancient monastery reigns idyll, but is it seems for real? What lies behind a beautiful English facade? In fact, a quiet town has long been in a state of war. Rich in conflict with the poor, teenagers – with their parents, wives – their husbands, teachers – with students… Pegford is not what it seems at first sight. And vacated seat in the local council only exacerbates these conflicts, which threatens to lead to a war, which has not seen in a small town before…

Original Title: The Casual Vacancy
Country, Channel: UK, BBC
Release Date: 2015
Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Creator: Jonny Campbell
Cast: Silas Carson, Joe Hurst, Michael Gambon

Runtime: 180 min
Language: English


Episode 1: (378,86 MB)
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Episode 2: (351,93 MB)
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Episode 3: (445,38 MB)
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