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The Comeback (season 2)

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The Comeback (season 2) tv show poster

8 episodes

Season 2 “The Comeback” finds desperate actress Valerie Cherish cast in Seeing Red, a single-camera HBO dramedy written by her old nemesis Paulie G., the writer who all but terrorized her on the set of their 2005 sitcom Room & Bored. Fresh from his second stint in rehab, Paulie has written a dark HBO comedy loosely based on his behind the scenes struggles with drugs while working with Valerie on Bored. Valerie continues her search to attain the spotlight, but this time around, it illuminates a whole new series of problems when she achieves the visibility she wants.

Original Title: The Comeback
Country, Channel: USA, HBO
Release Date: November 9, 2014
Genres: Comedy
Creators: Lisa Kudrow, Michael Patrick King
Cast: Lisa Kudrow, Malin Akerman, Kellan Lutz, Lance Barber, Dan Bucatinsky, Robert Michael Morris, Laura Silverman, Damian Young

Runtime: 30 min
Language: English


Episode 1: Valerie Makes a Pilot (347,31 MB)
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Episode 2: Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back (231,03 MB)
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Episode 3: Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees (229,95 MB)
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Episode 4: Valerie Is Taken Seriously (226,07 MB)
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Episode 5: Valerie Is Taken Seriously (279,46 MB)
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Episode 6: Valerie Cooks in the Desert (289,26 MB)
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Episode 7: Valerie Faces the Critics (291,08 MB)
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Episode 8: Valerie Gets What She Really Wants (489,69 MB)
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