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The Good Witch

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The Good Witch tv show posterCatherine Bell is the producer and actress who play a main role in the TV series Good Witch. It all starts with the fact that a mysterious woman arrived in a small town. It immediately makes a splash in the district, as she is a very attractive and unusual for the locals.  Her visit has left nobody indifferent – it is a fact, but not everyone liked this event. Who is this woman? One of those who was against the arrival of the girl is the mayor’s wife. She started a campaign against Cassandra Nightingale and her imminent departure from the city. So who is Cassandra?

Original Title: Good Witch
Country, Channel: Canada, Hallmark
Release Date: March 20, 2008
Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Creator: Catherine Bell, Rod Spence
Cast: Catherine Bell, Bailee Madison, James Denton, Rhys Matthew Bond, Noah Cappe

Runtime: 48 min
Language: English

Quality: DVDRip
Format: AVI
Resolution: 720 x 304
Audio: AC-3, 448 Kbps
Video: MPEG-4, 1847 Kbps
Size: 698,57 GB



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  • Lawless

    will this movie be available for download?

  • fj098

    Yes of course, we are working on it

  • Lawless

    Beautiful! I already see the links. Thank you! Can we expect the folow up movies: The good witch garden, the good witch gift etc?

  • fj098

    I found, I will try today or tomorrow to do

  • fj098


  • Lawless

    Already on to it. THANK YOU!!

    If possible, and when you find some time please see if you can find the rest of the GW movie series…
    The Good Witch’s Family (2011)
    The Good Witch’s Charm (2012)
    The Good Witch’s Destiny (2013)
    The Good Witch’s Wonder (2014)

    Thanx again.

  • fj098

    Found already doing this

  • fj098

    Now all added

  • Matt C

    link is not work for Keep2share would love to see this movie i love good witch and trying to grab everthing :)