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Beyond The Mask (2015)

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Beyond The Mask (2015) movie poster

Once there was a man who lead to at the end the East India Company. Thanks to him, it had ceased to exist. He moved into a small countryside hoping to escape from the world and put up the priest’s outfit. He did not know anybody. But soon the events appereared that can change the world. To atone his guilty our hero goes on a dangerous journey …

Original Title: Beyond The Mask
Country: USA
Release Date: 2015
Genres: Action, Drama
Creator: Chad Burns
Cast: Andrew Cheney, John Rhys-Davies, Kara Killmer

Runtime: 105 min
Language: English

Quality: WEBRip 7200p
Format: AVI
Resolution: 1280 x 536
Audio: AC3,224 Kbps
Video: x264, 3915 Kbps
Size: 2,5 GB



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  • Dean ?lohessy

    Where are all the new movies and movie requests. It has been ages since any new movies have been made available????

  • fj098

    In the near future resume the movie)