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Black Tar Road (2016)

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Black Tar Road (2016) movie poster

BLACK TAR ROAD is a gritty, dark, love story between two women, Heather and Charlie, who meet at a desolate truck stop. Charlie McElroy (Amber Lee) is a drug mule, who mules drugs for an operation that is run out of an interstate truck stop. After Charlie hangs around town where she meets Heather Plath, (Noelle Messier) a hardened truck stop prostitute who’s spent her life in the rural landscape. Few films are more despairing and yet, curiously, so hopeful as this one, which argues that even at the very end of the road, at the final extremity, we can find some solace in the offer and acceptance of love. These women fall in love with each other.

Original Title: Black Tar Road
Country: USA
Release Date: 2016
Genres: Biography, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller
Creator: Amber Dawn Lee, Rob Brownstein
Cast: Maria Olsen, James Black, Leif Gantvoort, Darin Cooper, Noelle Messier, Rydell Danzie, Lourdes Reynolds, Adra Janean Fenstermaker, Gary Kohn, Amber Dawn Lee, John A. Lorenz, Tony Forsmark, Jodi Skeris, Cindy Marinangel, Kevin Kelly

Runtime: 85 min
Language: English


Quality: WEBRip
Format: MKV
Resolution: 720 x 302
Audio: AC-3, 112 Kbps
Video: MPEG-4, 1011 Kbps
Size: 698,0 MB



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