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The Good Place (season 4)

2,782 views Comments (0)

The Good Place

13 episodes

The series tells the story of Eleanor Shellstrop. She is unusual and successful. A woman wants to make her life quite successful. But sometimes she doesn’t quite succeed. One day, Eleanor wakes up and discovers that she is in the middle of nowhere. People around her explain that she was in a place called Paradise. The heroine is convinced that she is here by mistake. Shellstrop convinces everyone of this. The wise mentor explains to Eleanor, the higher forces decided that she did not live well, did many bad things. To rectify the situation, the heroine must change her lifestyle and return to her usual world, where everything is joyful for her. (more…)


Perfect Harmony (season 1)

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Perfect Harmony

13 episodes

Having lost his perfect job, where the protagonist taught music and singing, he is forced to constantly search for a new job. But he is no longer young, and he is sure that no one will want to take him on a new activity. Due to hopelessness, the man comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to die. Having driven away from his native settlement, he stopped in a small town where he wanted to take pills and die, but did not notice that he was near the church, and from there came the voices of the church choir. Hearing such a disgusting falsehood, he decided to explain to young people that they needed to be more diligent in singing. Those present recognized him and asked for help, because they were left without a mentor, and they needed a teacher. Soon there will be a competition for the review of creative teams. (more…)


Sunnyside (season 1)

1,379 views Comments (0)


11 episodes

As the youngest member of the city council of multimillion-dollar New York, Garrett Modi attended star parties, talked with the political elite. But instead of supporting the people who once chose him, he got lost in the wilds of power and politics. It seemed to him that he had a decent life, but after a sudden incident the situation changed dramatically. The hero of the series “Sunnyside” has to leave the civil service, which is why depression is falling upon him. But fate brings him a surprise. A group of immigrants dreaming of American citizenship hire Modi to work to guide them on what kind of behavior is acceptable in the USA. Gradually, the hero understands the meaning of existence – helping unhappy people. (more…)


Bluff City Law (season 1)

7,333 views Comments (0)

Bluff City Law

10 episodes

Starting her career as a lawyer, Sydney had a clear idea that her father, Elijah Straight, was recognized as almost the best lawyer in Memphis. However, soon a conflict with him forces her to leave a prestigious law firm in order to realize her dreams. After the death of her mother, Sydney returns to her native Memphis to work in the father’s law firmt. Despite the fact that on a complex relationship, father and daughter try to establish mutual trust. Together in court, they constitute a tandem that takes on civil cases that seemed controversial and unpromising. After Elijah and Sidney are imprisoned for contempt of judge, father suggests starting to change the defense system. (more…)


The InBetween (season 1)

992 views Comments (0)

The InBetween

10 episodes

Cassie Bishop has paranormal abilities: in terrible visions she meets the dead and communicates with them. This gift scares the girl, and she tries not to use it unless absolutely necessary. But one day, she realizes that she can benefit people and agrees to help Los Angeles police detective and former FBI agent Tom Hackett investigate the most complex and complicated crimes with human casualties. (more…)


Abby’s (season 1)

4,521 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

he main character of the series “Abby’s” has her own business. Small, but quite profitable. And most importantly, it gives pleasure not only to her, but also to her friends and guests. Abby has her own bar, only this bar is in the backyard of her house. It has its own rules, and to get here is not so easy. The only downside is that her business is completely illegal. And sooner or later, she’s gonna get in trouble with the law. (more…)


Good Girls (season 2)

3,996 views Comments (0)

Good Girls

13 episodes

The main characters of the series “Good Girls” live in a quiet suburb, where they try to cope with the difficulties that arise and not lose courage in the event of another failure. They are parents of minor children who need not only daily care and upbringing, but also financial investments in their future. But women do not have the money needed for the normal maintenance of their families. Charter alone to deal with problems, they decide to join forces and develop a cunning plan to rob a huge store. (more…)


Blindspot (season 4)

13,017 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

This series is devoted to the fight the FBI against terrorists. But in the series there is a girl with tattoos who does not remember anything from her past life, and around her the whole plot of the series “Blindspot” is built. In addition, each series – is the disclosure of crime, the key of which are Jane’s tattoos, which covers her entire body. The whole point is that Jane does not remember who she is and where she comes from.


The Blacklist (season 6)

11,080 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

The name of the series “The Blacklist” very accurately defines the concept of dynamic cinema. Reddington gives him objectionable criminals, the FBI, thereby removing competitors hands of governmental bodies, clearing his way in the criminal world. Great combination with the double benefits. As a partner, the man chooses a bright and ambitious Elizabeth Keane, who does not understand why it was her choice. In general, an incredibly complicated and complicated criminal game begins, which will turn the audience around the idea of the criminal world and methods of dealing with dangerous criminal authorities. Each new episode is another dangerous thing connected with a crime, which the main character knew in advance.


Chicago P.D. (season 6)

18,325 views Comments (0)

Chicago P.D.

22 episodes

The sixth season of the series “Chicago P.D.” – this is a new round in the history of the famous show. The American series is a spin-off to the popular Chicago Firefighters project and continues to talk about the special services of one of the largest American cities. The main actors are engaged in the investigation of crimes and the capture of criminals. The team includes real professionals. Each new case is a real challenge, which can be overcome only in one way – well-coordinated teamwork.