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Midnight, Texas (season 2)

2,097 views Comments (0)

Midnight, Texas

9 episodes

This is the story of the small town of Midnight,Texas. Here came the main character Manfred, who has paranormal abilities. Unexpectedly, he found himself intertwined with local mystical events, having a far larger scale than one would have imagined. Manfred is confronted with the embodiment of this evil and is trying to stop the coming apocalypse. It would seem that he succeeded, but none of the visitors should be aware of the secrets of the town, because it is here that vampires live, werewolves and other vermin.


Timeless (season 2)

8,054 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

The plot of the series “Timeless” unfolds around a very clever and uncommon criminal who managed to steal from the government a secret time machine and went by it several centuries ago. He pursues only one goal – with the help of some actions in the past to change the modern future and erase the US from the Earth map. A team was sent for him immediately. They need not only to let the villain realize his plans, but also not to commit blunders capable of bringing an irreparable harm to the modern world.


Trial & Error (season 2)

3,751 views Comments (0)

Trial & Error

10 episodes

he comedy series “Trial & Error” is about a trial in a small town over a teacher who is suspected of killing his wife. The main character – an exceptionally positive person was accused of murdering his wife. A young lawyer from New York, Nicholas D’Agosto, comes to the town. But the lawyer still “did not sniff gunpowder” – he is just a beginner and therefore he will have to train on the main character. The process is likely to be loud, because the young prosecutor wants to make a career on it. In each new series, events develop in an absolutely unpredictable manner. Most often this happens silly. But this dullness gives the series an attraction and serves as a “highlight”.


Reverie (season 1)

4,855 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The main character of the series “Reverie” is the former detective Mara Kent, who has a reputation as a good behavioral expert. A woman is invited to work in a company engaged in innovative developments related to virtual reality. The organization is in an emergency situation – after the launch of the project, its participants fell into a coma. Mara is the only person who can try to get them back into real life.


Shades of Blue (season 3)

3,827 views Comments (0)

Shades of Blue

10 episodes

The series “Shades of Blue” is a detective, in a non-standard format. The investigation of incidents in the city is relegated to the background, the main thing in it-the life of the police, their personality, as well as the motives and principles on which they live. The choice they make, often ambiguous, causes a storm of emotions, and sometimes indignation. But there is no exact answer to any raised question in general and in series, respectively, it isn’t present. Only throwing between what’s good and bad and personal goals.


A.P. Bio (season 1)

1,161 views Comments (0)

A.P. Bio

3 episodes

“A.P. Bio” is a story about a certain professor, Jack, who is fond of philosophy and is engaged in in-depth study of the physiology of living organisms, linking it in some way with various theories and philosophical views on life. Jack himself teaches biology at school, but does not believe that this profession is a matter of his life. The main character, taking advantage of the fact that he has a whole class of young and gifted students under his control, decides to share his ideas and views with schoolchildren. The protagonist decides to use children for personal purposes. But what exactly did he conceive?


Marlon (season 2)

2,968 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “Marlon” is a kind and caring head of the family. At first glance, Marlon is a sloppy and slightly irresponsible father, although he always sincerely wants to help his friends and relatives. Marlon has an ex-wife, with whom they raise two children. A woman tries to block not very good qualities of her husband with her cleanliness, prudence and order. However, sometimes it seems to her that the only child in the family is Marlon.


Taken (season 2)

7,644 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

This is a story “Taken” about the difficult fate of a very young Bryan Mills. He served in the Green Berets, giving himself to the defense of the homeland, without hesitation and selflessly fighting with the enemy. But overnight the tragedy changed him, making him almost helpless. The government did not help much the former Green Beret, and Brian almost alone has to cope with the difficulties that have piled on him. He was able to overcome the consequences of trauma and gain self-confidence. He is noticed and invited to work in the CIA, where Mills becomes one of the most valuable operatives.


The Night Shift (season 2)

9,929 views Comments (13)


14 episodes

Dr.TC Callahan is a former military doctor who works now in the hospital of San Antonio on the night shift. He is a true professional, but he is expected numerous obstacles ahead. His ex-girlfriend and current colleague Jordan Alexander does everything possible to hold a higher rank in the hospital. Nevertheless it is extremely difficult, Jordan needs to prove her supervisor Michael Ragosa that she worths this position. At that period relationship between TC and Michael become worse on professional grounds. Jordan is doing everything possible to save the balance in the team…



Champions (season 1)

8,241 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Vince lives a life that is every bachelor’s dream. He owns the fifth largest gym in Brooklyn, meets with a bunch of beautiful women and lives with his stupid but cute brother Matthew. But Vince’s simple life becomes more complicated when his school love Priya reveals that he has a 15-year-old son Michael who wants to go to school for gifted children, and so now he will live with Vince.