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Law & Order: SVU (season 19)

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

24 episodes

The series “Law & Order: SVU” tells about the so-called “Special Corps” of the police, which investigates crimes on sexual grounds and encroachments against children. The action takes place in New York. The main characters of the series are the employees of the special department. In the focus of the story line there are various investigations, where detectives have to find out the reasons for the crime, possible suspects, and also to search for clues that will lead to a real criminal. Because of the severity of the crimes, the employees of the department are constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown, which affects their personal lives, as well as their mutual relations.


Blindspot (season 3)

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22 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Blindspot” tries to understand how the heroine was in Times Square in such an unusual form – in a large bag. However, the girl does not remember anything, and she does not have any documents with her. Who would have thought that even without a memory this heroine would be extremely useful to the FBI. Employees notice a huge number of tattoos on the girl’s body. Each of the tattoos indicates a specific date. Some dates have already passed, and some have only to come true. Unexpectedly, they find the connections between these dates. The past days are marked by major crimes or terrorist acts. On the body of the girl there are many more dates. Everyone needs to be checked. Kurt Weller is investigating these imperfect crimes.


The Blacklist (season 5)

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22 episodes

The main character of the series “The Blacklist” – Raymond Reddington , who was and remains one of the 10 most wanted criminals in the world, wanted by the FBI, the CIA and Interpol. Suddenly, he decides to surrender and offers a kind of “black list” of criminals, and each series is dedicated to capturing and exposing one of them. This dangerous criminal, who in exchange for his freedom begins to help the FBI in the investigation of cases for which the FBI would never take. And that’s why they would not undertake that they have no idea about those criminals and crimes, information about which the main character has.


Rise (season 1)

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10 episodes

The series “Rise” narrates about Lou Mazzuchelli, a man who was always self-contained and insecure, but found the strength to stand at the head of a children’s association engaged in productions on the school stage. However, the atmosphere within the collective is very deplorable. Children do not see motivation in their work, they often swear and do not understand each other. However, the arrival of Lou Mazzuchelli will change not only the theatrical circle, but the life of the whole school.


Chicago Med (season 3)

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20 episodes

The new third season of the “Chicago Med” welcomes you. Following the police and firefighters of this unique town, we are going to study the life of workers of the local hospital. The main actors are people who, it seems, never sleep. They have to withstand high loads to save the lives of others. We are faced with a number of interesting characters who, in addition to their professional duties, try to cope with some complexities of their personal lives. Each new episode is a real drama for each of the participating characters. We can only support the characters and plunge into the most interesting world of medical everyday life.


Chicago Fire (season 6)

14,035 views Comments (2)

Chicago Fire

23 episodes

The dramatic TV series “Chicago Fire” tells about the representatives of some of the most difficult and dangerous professions, such as firefighters. Every day they have to risk their lives in spite of everything, for the sake of saving other people. However, such dedication and devotion to work very often leads to personal losses. Such work, of course, interferes with personal life and leads to that fact that a relationship with a woman or marriage can simply fall apart. Parting and losing are eternal companions to the lives of people who work too hard. (more…)


Chicago P.D. (season 5)

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22 episodes

District 21 of the Chicago Police Department is made up of two distinctly different groups. There are the uniformed cops who patrol the beat and go head-to-head with the city’s street crimes. And there’s the Intelligence Unit, the team that combats the city’s major offenses – organized crime, drug trafficking, high profile murders and beyond. (more…)


Superstore (season 3)

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22 episodes

The main characters of this series “Superstore” are people who work in a large supermarket. Noisy, always open and full of people supermarket – is not the best topic for jokes. These guys perform the same work day after day. It would seem, and not be bored for long, but everything is far from what it might seem at first glance. Let the territory of the characters’ work is very limited, but their adventures are always found. The main characters now and then find themselves in ridiculous and funny situations. They have to constantly get out of the difficulties, which, in fact, they themselves and suit themselves! Who would have thought that working in a simple supermarket could be so fun! (more…)


Good Girls (season 1)

3,709 views Comments (0)

Good Girls

10 episodes

Three moms from a prosperous at first sight American suburb, tired of the constant need to make ends meet, decide to rob a local supermarket with a toy gun. One needs money to treat a child, the second hates her job as a cashier, and the third suddenly found out that her husband had devastated their joint account. But when the manager glimpses one of them, and the extraction turns out to be quite impressive, the heroines of the series “Good Girls” understand that organizing an ideal escape will not be so easy.


Will & Grace (season 9)

8,123 views Comments (0)

Will & Grace

16 episodes

Continuation of the popular series “Will & Grace” from the life of the New York middle class about two young people, Will and Grace. They are friends from the university and once were in love with each other. Now they remained good friends, as Will determined his gender. Will Truman and Grace Adler are best friends and neighbors who are perfect for each other: they adore the same things and understand each other perfectly, but they can never make romantic relationships, because Will is gay and Grace is heterosexual. Will is a successful lawyer from Manhattan, handsome, charming and sympathetic. He recently broke up with a friend with whom he had been together for a long time. (more…)