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Krypton (season 2)

8,132 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

The action of the new season of the series “Krypton” is currently taking place on Krypton, long before the birth of a boy who is destined to become Superman and save humanity and the entire planet Earth time after time. Now his future grandfather, a young guy, one of the scions of the rogue family of Al, is trying to find his place in the harsh hierarchy of Krypton. And at the same time to penetrate the secret of his family. And no one else will help him in this, as a man from the past – yes, yes, from our planet and from our time, in a baseball cap and a hoodie. (more…)


Archer (season 10)

10,326 views Comments (0)


7 episodes

The animated series for adults about Sterling Archer, a frivolous womanizer who received the title of special agent just because his mother is the head of a spy agency. In the international spying agency ISIS, any world crisis is just an excuse for high-class secret agents to compete with each other in deception and betrayal. Special Agent Sterling Archer, also known under the codename “Duchess”, is forced to work with her eccentric mother Malory (she’s his boss), the former girlfriend Lana, anxious secretary Cheryl and other interesting personalities. (more…)


Legion (season 3)

1,590 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The main character is the guy who, for whatever reason, is shoved into a mental hospital. Here he is pumped different drugs. The entire series “Legion” is made in such a way that the pictures from reality are constantly replaced by the hero’s memories of the past, his hallucinations. Then it turns out that the guy is not so simple, and has some incomprehensible abilities. As always, incomprehensible abilities attract many interested persons who want to help or kill the main character. (more…)


Final Space (season 2)

2,519 views Comments (0)

Final Space

4 episodes

The bad-loafer Gary accidentally destroys several ships of the space fleet, for which he is sentenced to five years in prison on a prison ship. Dying from boredom and dreaming about cookies, Gary repairs satellites. And once the hero of the series “Final Space” gets a cute green creature, which becomes his friend. But this creature is hunted by a powerful Lord Commander. But Gary does not give up, and therefore gets involved in a dangerous. adventure.


Blood & Treasure (season 1)

6,084 views Comments (0)

Blood & Treasure

10 episodes

The plot focuses on two interesting characters. Connoisseur of all the features of the search for antiques and his companion, who is a dangerous thief, together go to an unforgettable adventure. The protagonists of the series “Blood & Treasure” do not even know in what jungle they will be. In addition, the girl and the man set themselves a particularly important task – to catch the most dangerous terrorist who is also hunting for ancient treasures! He often steals antiques and does his best to sell them on the black market.


Kursk (2018)

208 views Comments (0)


Although almost 19 years have passed since the terrible tragedy, the controversy is still going on regarding the causes of the explosion on the atomic submarine “Kursk”, because many people disagree with the official version of the tragedy, indicating that one of the torpedoes aboard a submarine exploded as such leakage of fuel components. It is difficult to realize that more than twenty submariners remained alive for several days, but were never saved. For subjective or objective reasons, but people died a horrible death, which was shown by the director and actors. (more…)


Men in Black: International (2019)

597 views Comments (0)

Men in Black: International

Agent M (Tessa Thompson) is a simple girl who, in early childhood, after contact with an alien, was forgotten to erase the memory of the staff of “Men in Black”. She devoted her entire life to finding this mysterious organization: she passed all the exams perfectly and whispered to persuade employees of all sorts of CIA and FBI to conduct her to “thus” – naturally, they only laughed at her. But by chance, as well as thanks to ingenuity and technical skills, she still ends up in the American office. After a short exam, she is eagerly accepted and sent on a mission to London, where she, along with handsome agent H (Chris Hemsworth), must find “Mole” in the ranks of the organization. (more…)


Whiskey Cavalier (season 1)

6,889 views Comments (0)

Whiskey Cavalier

13 episodes

Will Chase – the hero of the series Whiskey Chevalier – is experiencing hard parting with his girlfriend, and it becomes known to his superiors. But if you are an employee of the CIA – parting is not a reason to relax and feel sorry for yourself. We have to collect all the forces, both physical and moral, and go on to perform the next task. Especially since anyone knows that you can get rid of bad experiences by filling in your time to failure. (more…)


Dark Phoenix (2019)

753 views Comments (0)

Dark Phoenix

The main character of the movie “Dark Phoenix” is positioned Gene Gray / Dark Phoenix. The film opens an episode from her childhood. We meet her eight years old, her parents and the tragedy that happened to her family. We learn how she met Professor X – Charles Xavier. How Jeanne found her second darker self. Viewers are asked to figure out: who is Jean Grey really? Are there any limits to her abilities? Does she need such as she is for people in general and X-Men in particular?


Hawaii Five-0 (season 9)

13,937 views Comments (0)


25 episodes

In Hawaii, a special unit 5.0 is created, which is supervised personally by the governor. His staff is given extremely broad powers and technical capabilities. The head of the group — a former naval officer, McGarrett, who has his own accounts with the local criminal world, stretching from childhood and three more specialists. Each series “Hawaii Five-0″ is almost a separate story, but a common story thread is present.