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Lethal Weapon (season 3)

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Lethal Weapon

15 episodes

The plot is simple – two policemen become partners. They are different, each with his own story from the past, but they become excellent friends, helping each other outlive all adversity. Each series is a new investigation. The series “Lethal Weapon” is very dynamic, contains a lot of humor and itself is very emotional and vital, despite the large number of super-heroism and incredible chase-shootings.


Once Upon A Deadpool (2018)

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In the new version of the movie “Once Upon A Deadpool” the main character is extremely well-ordered: he wants to work, start a family and have children. Here are just the death of the bride Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) destroyed his plans and embittered. However, he, listening to the voice of the heart and the voice of the dead bride herself, communicating with him from the otherworldly far, compensates for the vengeful rage by a noble desire to save a teenage mutant with superpowers. (more…)


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018)

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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The cartoon begins with the story of Spider-Man, which fans know well. “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is a classic story of the formation of a hero with all its pluses and minuses. In many ways, it repeats the formation of Peter Parker, but with a number of changes in the context of the origin of Morales himself – he is half African American, half Latin American. There is little time in the cartoon to study his roots, but the color and features of life of a simple guy from Brooklyn, who wants to be something big, transferred perfectly. (more…)


Wayne (season 1)

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10 episodes

Wayne’s life changed drastically when he learned that his father had died. Their relationship was difficult to call warm, but he always respected and loved his parent. Recently, they very little talked, rarely called up and did not correspond at all. In the center of the new series “Wayne” is 15 year boy Wayne. He decides to go with his girlfriend from Boston to Florida. They have a goal – to return the rare Pontiac, which was stolen from his father shortly before his death.


Bumblebee (2018)

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We have spin-offs and a prequel to the movie “Transformers”, so who has not watched “Transformers” will not lose anything and everyone will understand, since the new movie is independent and completely understandable. We will not see a single actor from the old parts here (but except for Bumblebee, but Bumblebee is not here in its usual form of a yellowish Chevrolet Camaro). The movie “Bumblebee” can be completely called family.


Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back (2018)

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Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back

Killers are not a gang of desperate thugs. On the contrary, it is a cooperative, a union of professionals representing specific services upon request. Killers go to specialized conferences, fulfill quotas and become employees of the month – everything is just like for ordinary people. However, there is a place for Russian gangsters, who, in the event of something, will not speak almond. A bit of absurdity goes hand in hand with biting, but very soft British irony over modern society with its bureaucracy, office rules and false ideals, to which the majority so passionately aspire.


The Girl in the Spider’s Web (2018)

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The Girl in the Spider's Web

Ingenious hacker sociopath Lisbeth Salander entangled in a network of intrigues of world scale. The scientist Frans Boulder addresses her with a request to steal the program he has written from the Americans. She agrees and easily performs the task, which incurs the wrath of not only the United States, but also a certain criminal group that attacks her and takes the program for herself. Lisbet intends to return the stolen and appeals for help to his old friend, journalist Mikael Blomkvist, longing for nothing. In addition, the Swedish government is interested in this whole story, and its solution lies in the past, which, apparently, will never let Lisbet go.


Hanna (season 1)

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1 episodes

The main character of the series “Hanna” is a young girl named Hannah. As far as she remembers, her father raised her, Eric Heller. From a very young age, a former CIA agent, instilled in her the skills that experienced fighters possess. As a child, she could easily survive for several days in conditions in which not every adult would have survived. But Eric’s employers are eager to return him to the service, prepared a seizure, taking only one Hanna as a prisoner. She was able to easily get out of the bunker, where she was held and went to a meeting with her father, in a pre-arranged place. Being in captivity, she learned something about herself. In particular, the fact that the man who raised her, has never been her father. The very same girl – the result of a unique experiment – the perfect killer, who knows neither mercy nor pity. Now it’s time to ask Heller some questions.


The Family Business (season 1)

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The Family Business

8 episodes

The eight-part dramatic series “The Family Business” is based on the most popular novel inThe New York Times. Starring by Ernie Hudson. The series will introduce us to Duncans, a famous family from Jamaica, their luxurious life during the day when they are an honest family, and at night when they lead another dangerous life. The head of the family is at an age when he begins to think about retirement and must decide who of his children should be taken over by his thriving auto dealership. The family is quickly noticed by some politicians and mafias. They will have to stick together or die separately.


Vikings (season 5)

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20 episodes

The fifth season of the popular series “Vikings”, telling about Ragnar Lodbrok, the brave leader of the Viking tribe, who was able to write his name in world history as the ruler of one of the most strong-willed, strong and unshakable states. The protagonist of this series unites the kingdoms and tribes of the Vikings, to create a strong huge state, capable of defeating any ill-wishers. Numerous foreign trips against gentiles, as well as large-scale mass battles – these are the passion of these people. However, for all their warlikeness, the Vikings try to remain human. They have families, love and are responsible for their loved ones.