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Doctor Who (season 12)

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Special episodes

Before us there is the 12th season of the longest fiction series in the history “Doctor Who”. The doctor is played by Peter Capaldi. Still, series are independent. And in each new series something new and interesting is told. The doctor is the last of the time masters. He is brilliant. Also, the Doctor is over 900 years old. He can regenerate, with some serious injuries, he completely changes his appearance, is reborn.


Smallfoot (2018)

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At the very top of one of the Himalayan mountains live yeti. In their snow-covered village there is an order established many centuries ago, carved on stones. But one overly curious snow man named Migo runs into someone who, according to the laws of the village, simply does not exist – with a man. The news of “smallfoot” brings him fame, but causes a stir among other residents, who are now wondering whether the ancient laws and traditions are right, and how to live on. “Smallfoot” is a great family movie.


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween (2018)

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Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween

In an abandoned house, a couple of schoolchildren find the hidden book “Haunted Halloween” by the famous writer R.L. Stein. Opening it, they release Slappi’s live doll. At first, a new acquaintance seems sweet and kind, but soon his true face is revealed. Slappi dreams of capturing the abandoned Tesla tower, using it to transmit its magic through the air and free horrendous monsters around the world.


Legacies (season 1)

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7 episodes

The series “Legacies” is a spin-off to the successful project “The Originals” and tells about teenagers Alaric Salzman and Caroline Forbes, who graduated from school, where there was a place for both ordinary students and for vampires, werewolves and other representatives of the supernatural world. Before them the doors to the big world are open, but can young and inexperienced representatives of the vampire kind find themselves in it? The main characters are faced with numerous prejudices and aggression towards them.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season 4)

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Legends of Tomorrow

8 episodes

American adventure series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is a continuation of the TV project about superheroes from the universe of DC Comics. In the fourth season, we are following a team of travelers, known as “Legends”. After the demon was killed, the team members planned to take a breather, but again they had to mobilize. After all, when they eliminated one problem, they created another one, and much more in terms of its possible consequences.


Titans (season 1)

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11 episodes

The basis of the series “Titans” became comics about the team of young superheroes. The group is led by Dick Grayson, also known as Nightwing. A former circus artist, an alien princess, a girl with obvious demonic forces that are difficult to hold back and a teenager who has the ability to turn into animals after taking medicine have joined the team of superheroes.


Timeless (season 2)

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12 episodes

The plot of the series “Timeless” unfolds around a very clever and uncommon criminal who managed to steal from the government a secret time machine and went by it several centuries ago. He pursues only one goal – with the help of some actions in the past to change the modern future and erase the US from the Earth map. A team was sent for him immediately. They need not only to let the villain realize his plans, but also not to commit blunders capable of bringing an irreparable harm to the modern world.


Aquaman (2018)

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Two and a half hours of chases and adventures, beauty and fights, battles and natural disasters. Amber Heard in a tight scaly jumpsuit. Jason Momoa with a trident and an uncombed beard flying in the wind. The movie “Aquaman” shows the conflict between Atlantis and the Earth. Among the characters in the movie there are mostly Atlanta and other inhabitants of the underwater kingdoms. Women here are feminine, men are courageous, the plot of this is especially majestic.


The Woman Who Fell to Earth (2018)

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In the county of South Yorkshire, a woman appears not remembering who she is, a mystery that literally falls from heaven. She remembers absolutely nothing, not even her name. And she dramatically changes the lives of several people, who see such a miracle. Their lives should soon change drastically due to this event. New heroes, new times, new everything in the new movie “The Woman Who Fell to Earth”.


Mars (season 2)

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6 episodes

This is a series on preparation for a flight to Mars, about the founding there of the first settlement of people first (in 2033), and then about bringing Mars into a state suitable for living there people on a permanent basis. Each episode of the series “Mars” is built according to an interesting principle – like a puzzle – some parts – documentary real shots, some parts are like a feature film.