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Norm of the North: Keys to the Kingdom (2018)

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A charming bear named Norm was elected king of the Arctic, and in New York he should be given an honorary award – the Golden Key to the Kingdom. However, someone steals a valuable trophy and organizes daring robbery of banks under the guise of Norm. To regain his good name, the hero must catch the bandits, and at the same time prevent the corporation’s treacherous plans to turn all Arctic ice into bottled water. (more…)


Wonder Park (2019)

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Wonder Park

There is a girl who is not fond of games or phones, she is not always online, etc. She is just a child with a dizzying fantasy. And in her fantasy there is a magical park, where animals come out, where there is idyll and good. But this is only her fantasy. But it happens that she falls into an old abandoned park, and sees that it. She decides to restore it, raise it, make it the way she imagined it. Her magical beasts help her in the animation movie “Wonder Park”. (more…)


MacGyver (season 3)

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22 episodes

Before us there is another American secret institution that is fighting terrorism and of which no one knows. The new series “MacGyver” – a remake of the eponymous series of the 70’s about the adventures of the special agent, who thanks to his practical knowledge can find a way out of any situation. From any improvised means to create weapons to fight enemies. He is well versed in various fields of knowledge and practically applies his knowledge in life and at work.


Into the Badlands (season 3)

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16 episodes

The third season of the popular action series “Into the Badlands” will continue the story of two friends who went on an incredibly dangerous journey. Sunny is a great fighter, who perfectly possesses a number of martial arts. His partner accompanies the protagonist in the unknown lands, where only scoundrels and rascals are on the way. The adventure for the main characters will not only be a test of strength, but also of the spirit. Sunny will test himself in the case, using outstanding fighting skills, and his friend will try to learn to control both the body and the mind, finding harmony within himself. The plot of the series is based on the famous Chinese work, one of the most popular novels of its time “Journey to the West”.


The Kid Who Would Be King (2019)

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The Kid Who Would Be King

In the center of the plot of the movie “The Kid Who Would Be King” is a completely ordinary 12-year-old schoolboy Alex. Among his peers, he is not popular, but once an incredible event happens to him – the boy finds and pulls out the famous Excalibur from stone. Soon the good wizard Merlin finds him and explains that in four days the evil witch Morgan will arrive at Earth. Now Alex and his friends will have to prepare for an epic battle with an evil sorceress who intends to destroy our world. (more…)


The Orville (season 2)

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The Orville

14 episodes

The second season of the series “The Orville” continues to talk about the near future of planet Earth, when people learned to use super energy and move spacecraft into space at the speed of light, and also established friendly ties with representatives of other worlds. As the main characters, a separate multi-racial team of the Orville spacecraft is taken, performing various tasks that come to them from the command of the Earth’s space flotilla.
The team encounters various difficulties both among themselves. After all, each member of the race has his own needs and in different parts of the universe.


Knight Squad (season 2)

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10 episodes

Brave Ciara studies at the legendary School of Knights in the magical Astoria. The girl – the star of the school, hiding a big secret – in fact, she is a princess. Then one day at school a complacent young man Arc appears who can cause Ciara to be exposed. Young people will have to make friends, because only together they will be able to fight for the honor of presenting Astoria in the coming battle.


Coop and Cami Ask the World (season 1)

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21 episodes

Children, first of all, take an example from their parents, and then from their peers. If one or the other environment “freezes” in the network, wait for the same reaction with your child. Live communication between peers can be more and more interactive. Cool statuses in the social network, interesting quotes or statements – this is what teenager’s free time from school can take. This is what happens with teenagers in the series “Coop and Cami Ask the World”.


Then Came You (2019)

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Then Came You

The main character of the movie “The Came You” is constantly found in despondency and depression. Between shifts at the airport, he is busy searching for various diseases. The young man is sure that he has cancer, he does not have long to live. Doctors – people are very humane, so they send a doubtful youth to the group for those who are really struggling with real cancer. There he met Sky – a bright, punk girl with hair of all colors of the rainbow and a disappointing outlook. Before she dies, Skye has compiled a list of 30 important things that she would like to accomplish, and Kelvin, quite unexpectedly, is going to help her. (more…)


Star Trek: Discovery (season 2)

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Star Trek: Discovery

14 episodes

The second season of the series “Star Trek: Discovery” will continue the story of the Discovery spacecraft. This ship with a crew on board went through a lot. The main characters, the managers of Discovery, are real adventurers who find themselves in the very epicenter of extreme and dangerous events. They perform an important mission, trying to preserve the world in galaxies. From episode to episode, characters resolve interracial conflicts, fight piracy, fight unknown strangers, save entire settlements from death due to cataclysms that broke out, and so on!