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The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018)

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The Spy Who Dumped Me

Light comedy “The Spy Who Dumped Me”, the plot of which is based on espionage. It would seem that the shock for the girl is that she learns interesting news about her boyfriend — he turned out to be a spy! And in all the spy games it turns out that not only the heroine is involved, but also her friend. Audrey and Morgan, best friends from Los Angeles, suddenly find themselves in the epicenter of an international conspiracy and go on a dangerous journey.


Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

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Mission: Impossible - Fallout

According to the plot of the new movie “Mission: Impossible – Fallout”, the world is in danger again. Minions of Solomon Lane (the villain from the previous part) plan to acquire plutonium to kill millions of people. The team of Ethan Hunt is trying to prevent the sale, but nothing comes of it. Two large companies, top secret for the production of chemical weapons, are at enmity between themselves for maximum government funds and investments, using all sorts of ways: terrorist attacks, hiring agents, gunfights, threats, and others. Ethan Hunt, looking for the vine to the root of the terrorists who are trying to get hold of a dangerous weapon, becomes between these companies with global influence not only the government, but also the implanted agents.


Christopher Robin (2018)

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Christopher Robin

This story is about what happened when Christopher Robin grew up, he had a family and an important, “scary” responsible job. And then suddenly he had to help the talking toys again, as in childhood. Christopher Robin, as a child, had friends not like everyone else. But as is always the case, in childhood we firmly believe that we will remember and appreciate everything that we knew then and take with us into adulthood. But he, it seems, is not the same. The movie “Christopher Robin” is not for children, but for parents who often forget about the most important thing in life – the family.


Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation (2018)

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Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Count Dracula and company participate in a cruise for sea-loving monsters, unaware that their boat is being commandeered by the monster-hating Van Helsing family. (more…)


Adrift (2018)

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This is the story of a terrible storm, which hit the yacht of Richard and Tami. Can young people live in the open ocean when the water is over, the food ends, and Richard has a broken leg and ribs? How long will the young couple last? The situation is complicated by the fact that Tami is a vegetarian. And she categorically refuses to kill and eat fish. The movie “Adrift” is based on real events.


Incredibles 2 (2018)

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Incredibles 2

The plot of the new cartoon “Icredibles 2″ is about a family with super abilities who are trying to regain their rights to help people. After all, a law has been passed prohibiting people with the ability to use their uniqueness and to live a simple life. Again, the Parr family is before us, and again they demonstrate their exceptional abilities. But, as expected, a significant amount of attention this time is given to the youngest child in the family. A red thread is the heroic theme. The problems of superheroes are still the same. They have to prove their right to exist. But to do this, alas, is not easy, because the Superhero program is set.


Iron Fist (season 2)

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Iron Fist

10 episodes

Denny Rand is the heir of a huge corporation, a golden boy and all that. When he was 10 years old, together with his parents he was in a plane crash – the family was declared dead. After many years, matured Rand returns to his hometown, New York. No one believes him that he is the same boy who died many years ago. But where was Danny all this time? The answer is in a monastery , hidden from the world, where a warrior with a mystical gift was made from it.


Show Dogs (2018)

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Show Dogs

All the action of the movie “Show Dogs” is told on behalf of the police dog. Throughout the movie, the viewer hears the thoughts and conversations of all the dogs, but the dogs themselves do not speak according to the script. This is a story about the investigation of the case of “smugglers”, which occurs at the dog show, well, the main character of the dog Max, have to participate in this exhibition. The investigation is conducted by the man-policeman and dog Max.


Preacher (season 3)

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10 episodes

Surrealistic mystical series “Preacher” is about the supernatural forces of both good and evil. The plot of the series unfolds around a priest with a dark past in whom a creature, a child of a demon and an angel, who can become equal with God, and the one in whom it settled, becomes the most powerful person on earth. In the irreconcilable struggle of hell and paradise, there are murders, followed by dismemberment and burial.


Taxi 5 (2018)

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Taxi 5

Sylvain Maro is an energetic Parisian policeman who is not too good with the law. Another wild trick on the road and an affair with the wife of the prefect put a cross on Sylvain’s dreams of getting a place in the special order detachment, the head of the Metropolitan Police sends a rebel to Marseilles, where he has to shift papers in the local area. However, to the delight of Maro, the city becomes a place of regular daring robberies of banks and jewelry stores, which follow the same scenario, resulting in unsuccessful pursuit of police cars for powerful sports cars. Driving skills of Sylvain allow the cop to squeeze the maximum out of any car, and when the legendary taxi, managed today by Daniel Morales’ nephew Eddie McLuff, gets to him, the Parisian guest has nothing else but to uncover the secret of the raids of the gang of diamond-hungry Italians.