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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (2019)

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How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

During the seven-year history of the franchise “How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World”, which is based on the cycle of children’s books by Crasida Cowell, the viewer, together with the main characters, made a real journey into the wonderful world of dragons. And here comes the third part, designed to complete this long journey and complete it beautifully. Conductor in it again will be the director Dean DeBlois, who worked on the series from the very first movie. (more…)


Arctic (2019)

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The Overgard pilot was wrecked in the arctic wasteland. He is desperately fighting for life – he learned to cope with the cold and to hunt in order to feed himself. The only living creatures around are fish and polar bears. He lives by the clock, whose squeak constantly informs him that it is time to check the fishing rods, the trampled SOS letters (if they were covered with snow) or to start sending the signal again on the radio. One day the walkie-talkie comes to life, but it does not bring salvation. Helicopter flown in due to weather conditions also crashes. (more…)


Captain Marvel (2019)

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Captain Marvel

Before us there is almost the very beginning of the work of such an organization as SHIELD. In the “Captain Marvel” movie, we will see young Nik Fury and his assistant Phil Coulson here. As for Captain Marvel, this is a woman with unusual abilities, which surpasses almost all the superheroes combined. We’ll be approximately shown in the 90s, so the scenery will be appropriate: clothes, video rentals, bars of this time, classic cars. New Movie Marvel, undoubtedly, will please fans of the studio and fans of fantastic action movies. (more…)


Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

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Alita: Battle Angel

The new movie “Alita: Battle Angel” tells the story of a girl named Alita. She is endowed with an angelic face and amazing combat abilities. But her “biography” is shrouded in mystery. She will have to remember a lot about herself and her past to nderstand who she is, and what is her purpose? In addition to the bright and dynamic plot is an excellent soundtrack, which was written by the composer Junkie XL, it is equally good both in dynamic sound and in neat, quiet compositions. (more…)


Bounty Hunters (season 2)

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Bounty Hunters

5 episodes

Barnaby Walker is a quiet and modest Wimbledon resident who drives Smart and is preparing to become a PhD in Flemish textiles. After Barnaby’s father selling antiques enters the hospital under strange circumstances, the hero of “Bounty Hunters” series takes responsibility for saving the family business. In the first week, he loses fifty thousand pounds, ineptly completing a deal conceived by his father. To return the money, Barnaby hires Brooklyn headhunter Nina Morales, with whom his sister accidentally met on a tour of the United States. (more…)


Magnum P.I. (season 1)

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Magnum P.I.

20 episodes

The plot of the series “Magnum P.I.” sends viewers to Hawaii, where it is sunny, warm, but not as safe as we would like. Crimes occur even in such a paradise, so there is a place for an outstanding detective Thomas Magnum, who conducts investigations of varying complexity. Not long ago, Thomas returned from a long trip to Afghanistan. He got a detective job. Together with colleagues Theodore Kelvin and Orville Wright, Magnum will have to work on solving crimes on a sunny American island. However, in addition to the work, the main character has to resolve issues with people from the past.


The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2019)

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The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part

This full-length animated movie “The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part ” almost entirely consists of animation, that is, Lego figures move and live their lives: they fight against evil, seek the truth, and strive for their goals. Sometimes there are real-life shots with adults and children, and Lego figures again become just toys. They are endowed with certain qualities: good, evil, justice, pity, mutual assistance. They are wrong, like all children, but then they correct the mistake. There are several key characters in the film around which the action takes place. (more…)


Escape Room (2019)

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Escape Room

There are six of them in the movie “Escape Room”. And they came to have a good time, to play a quest (you just need to find a way out of the room) and at the same time get a tidy sum of money – at least, the organizer of the quest promised many, many dollars to the quest. Only one problem: before anyone could do it. So will our heroes be able to do it? With each new room, the six heroes realize that something is wrong here, and everything that at first seemed to them an evil joke of the organizers may turn out to be a reality. (more…)


Legacies (season 1)

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16 episodes

The series “Legacies” is a spin-off to the successful project “The Originals” and tells about teenagers Alaric Salzman and Caroline Forbes, who graduated from school, where there was a place for both ordinary students and for vampires, werewolves and other representatives of the supernatural world. Before them the doors to the big world are open, but can young and inexperienced representatives of the vampire kind find themselves in it? The main characters are faced with numerous prejudices and aggression towards them.


Holmes & Watson (2018)

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This story “Holmes & Watson” is about the famous characters Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, only in this comedy they are “assholes”, moreover they are complete assholes. The movie is a parody of famous films. “Stupidity” phrases pour from the mouth of Sherlock and Watson every minute. There is a detective story here, but Sherlock investigates it by the most incomprehensible and strange path. (more…)