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The Wrong Mans (season 2)

3,878 views Comments (6)

The Wrong Mans poster BBC Two season 2 2014

4 episodes

The Wrong Mans season 2 begins. Phil and Sam are coming back, but this time they’re in the wrong place, at the wrong time and with the wrong set of skills. (more…)


Insatiable (season 2)

218 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The protagonist of the series “Insatiable” is overweight. This fact is enough for many of her peers to turn a girl into an object for ridicule. No one is friends with Patty, she is not called to parties, and, often, she is cruelly played out. The heroine is tired of these bullying, she decides to lose hated weight. And finally, her efforts were crowned with success – she was transformed, turning into a real slender beauty. The only problem was that Patty could not forget all the bullying directed at her, she decided that she would take revenge on all her offenders. (more…)


Letterkenny (season 7)

95 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Wayne is a great guy living on a farm in a small Canadian town called Letterkenny, Ontario. Due to the rapid development of cities, the process of urbanization absorbs all the small villages. And the main character of the series “Letterkenny” is doing everything he can to protect his rural lifestyle from the impending modern world. The inhabitants of Letterkenny are divided into three groups: rednecks, punks and hockey players. These three groups are constantly at odds with each other even on trifles, which often leads to fights.


Utopia (season 4)

1,214 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

A certain writer Hyde creates a work called “Utopia.” In it, he sets out all the worst that should happen in the next century. Disasters, cataclysms, wars, other terrible events – all this is described in detail in the book. However, he did not manage to take the manuscript to the publishing house and make it public. Under mysterious circumstances, he dies. After Hyde’s death, the manuscript of the book falls into the hands of his daughter Jessica. The girl intends to investigate the circumstances of the death of her father and find out the name of his killer. It is not easy to do this, a company begins to hunt for the manuscript. (more…)


The Hustle (2019)

514 views Comments (0)

The Hustle

With criminal activities Penny met still in school. The heroine used to achieve their goals, even if the methods cross the line of law and morality. From the hater of study, the main character of the movie “The Hustle” turned into a professional swindler who steals rich men. Good external data allow the heroine. One day penny met Josephine. The new acquaintance is much better than Penny in terms of fraud. Plus she has connections among the rich, which allows you to pull off their cases with impunity. But the main characters United with one goal-to seduce a young rich man, and take as much money as possible. Their goals fraudsters achieve different methods, but this time they have to learn from each other something new. (more…)


Stuber (2019)

411 views Comments (0)


The modest and quiet taxi driver Stu picks up the stern policeman Vic, who is chasing a ruthless killer. Stu unwittingly drawn into a crazy night chase, which could cost him his life, peace and high driver rating. Investigating extremely dangerous incidents, Detective Vic managed to make many enemies, however, at the same time, contrary to fate, luck always smiles at the policeman. Having chosen a four-legged friend as his partner, the man never thought that he had made a mistake, because the dog always covered him, giving him an advantage in the battle with especially dangerous criminals. Following the trail of a maniac who killed on the orders of a major criminal syndicate, the investigator suddenly finds support from the usual taxi driver, who became his driver in pursuit of a witness. Having managed to get the necessary testimonies, he quickly advanced in a complicated case, however, Stan himself was not at all happy to meet him. (more…)


Luis & the Aliens (2018)

228 views Comments (0)


12-year-old Louis has no friends, and his father is constantly not enough time for him. He is passionate about UFOlogy and does not even realize that those whom he is so eager to find, are right in front of his nose. Louis becomes the only witness to the emergency landing of three eccentric aliens near their home. The trio of aliens quickly finds a common language with the boy. They behave exactly like mischievous teenagers, and have the same absolutely amazing ability-to transform into any living creature. Louis had never had so much fun as with them. But he quickly realizes that if adults find out about his secret, nothing good will come of it. So he decides to help them fix the plate and fly away with them. (more…)


Adam Ruins Everything (season 3)

5,103 views Comments (0)


12 episodes

The protagonist of this series “Adam Ruins Everything” – Adam Conover. A very annoying young man who is ready to spoil any event for any person. The guy just breaks in the middle of a case to tell and prove to the participants of this or that event that they are utterly wrong. And it can be both a wedding and an interview at the reception for work or just a family dinner. The main character will touch on all important topics and make you doubt the logic of what is happening in our world. Adam likes to question everything, while inviting viewers to reflect on topical issues on their own.


Transparent (season 5)

120 views Comments (0)


1 episodes

The plot focuses on the story of a family from the city of Los Angeles. The main characters of the series “Transparent” always considered themselves an ordinary family, not representing anything unusual. True, everything changed in one day. Children learn that their father turned out to be transsexual. Such information was a real shock for all members of the family, because it can completely change the world of the main characters in action. This event brought a lot of disagreement to the family and provoked many interesting and unusual situations. (more…)


Yesterday (2019)

489 views Comments (0)


Musician Jack dreams of becoming famous. However, while his songs are not in demand, and he has to sing in bars. His girlfriend Ally supports Jack in everything and is his manager. Once, after another unsuccessful performance, Jack decides to ride a bike. Riding along the city streets at night, he crashes into a car. This happens after the light suddenly disappears in the whole city. From a blow, he lost consciousness and woke up already in the hospital. This event will soon forever change his life. Having recovered after a fall, he meets friends. Jack decides to perform the Beatles song, but suddenly realizes that none of his friends had heard it before. As it turned out, they did not even know about the existence of such a group. Arriving home he is looking for information on the Internet, but there is nothing about the group (more…)