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Vikings (season 5)

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18 episodes

The fifth season of the popular series “Vikings”, telling about Ragnar Lodbrok, the brave leader of the Viking tribe, who was able to write his name in world history as the ruler of one of the most strong-willed, strong and unshakable states. The protagonist of this series unites the kingdoms and tribes of the Vikings, to create a strong huge state, capable of defeating any ill-wishers. Numerous foreign trips against gentiles, as well as large-scale mass battles – these are the passion of these people. However, for all their warlikeness, the Vikings try to remain human. They have families, love and are responsible for their loved ones.


Modern Family (season 10)

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Modern Family

12 episodes

The series introduces us to a large American family. It is not perfect if you look from the outside. Some are divorced, others are representatives of sex minorities, others are just a little strange. The family is big, unusual, but very friendly. And all the events in the series “Modern Family” revolve around three families. Mutual relations are also different. And all these absolutely different people constantly fall into ridiculous ambiguous situations, but in fact they always remain one family, ready to support each other. In this series, there are many examples of how to do things, what not to do, how to maintain good relations in the family.


This Is Us (season 3)

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This Is Us

10 episodes

On his 36th birthday, Jack becomes the happy father of triplets. He lives with the perfect woman Rebecca his wife. And in the very first series we see the very triplets at the very same age of 36 years. During the subsequent episodes of the series “This Is Us,” the past and the present come closer to each other, then they start to move away again. Due to this technique, we find answers to the questions and causes of the problems of the triplets, but also plunge into more and more new problems of this family. The problems are, of course, universal, because the mechanisms and cycles of development of relations are the same.


Good Trouble (season 1)

3,282 views Comments (0)

Good Trouble

2 episodes

In the new youth series “Good Trouble” in the center of the plot – two sisters Callie and Mariana, who are now at that age when you need to start an independent life away from home. They are moving to Los Angeles. Of course, no one promised that it would be easy, so the girls learn every new day on their own mistakes. Their daily life will be filled with interesting events, attempts to find a suitable job, find friends, make useful acquaintances, become part of a large workforce and change lives beyond recognition.


Game of Thrones (season 8)

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Game of Thrones

Soon episodes

The final season of “Game of Thrones” will be the most anticipated. Creators of the series promise that there have not yet been such battle scenes as the upcoming ones on TV projects. And the quality of special effects will put Season 8 of the Game of Thrones on the same level as the highest-grossing Hollywood creations. In season 8 there will be only 6 episodes, but each will take almost 2 hours of airtime. John learns that he is Targaryen. Arya will meet with John …


Unleashed (2017)

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Easy entertaining movie “Unleashed” is without drama, although it is a question of loneliness. It will tell about how two pets – a cat and a dog, whom the girl took from the orphanage, in some incredible way turn into two attractive guys. Only such guys can listen to the girl without watchig football, only they can distinguish a good person from a bad person, only they can be direct, real, prudent and not like anyone, but attractive and cute.


Will & Grace (season 10)

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Will & Grace

8 episodes

Will and Grace are great friends. For a long time this couple get along well with each other, and neighborly relations only strengthen such friendship. It would seem that lonely people get in the way of being together? It’s not the fate of a relationship to happen, because Will is a homosexual, and Grace is a heterosexual. However, the characters are not discouraged about this, because everyone has other concerns besides his personal life. So, Will perfectly copes with the work of a lawyer, making progress in their profession. Grace is trying to run her own business, which also turns out well. Joint meetings with other friends in the evenings – favorite occupation of the main characters. And it seems that the connection between them is stronger and stronger, but is this enough to unite two lonely hearts and change their principles?


High School Lover (2017)

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High School Lover

17-year-old girl believes that she was lucky enough to attract the attention of an actor who is much older than her. And this meeting happened at a party where the main heroine of the movie “High School Lover” Kelley arrived with her friends. When Kelley is there, she is immediately targeted by an older guy named Christian Booth. He is a handsome man, a dark-haired, hot shot, and too mature for an inexperienced teenager. In the future, she realizes that his attention to her begins to border on an obsession.


A Star Is Born (2018)

988 views Comments (0)

A Star Is Born

The new movie “A Star is Born” is a remake of a 1937 Hollywood film of the same name. Here we are talking about experiencing not the best moment in the career of country singer Jackson Meine, whose role was played by Bradley Cooper. When he accidentally meets a beginning singer Ellie (Lady Gaga), his life seems to be getting better. But having gained love, the artist — an alcoholic and a drug addict with experience — in spite of everything sinks even deeper to the bottom.


Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

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Crazy Rich Asians

American comedy melodrama “Crazy Rich Asians” tells about the relationship of a simple girl and a rich man from a Singaporean family. Rachel Chu is a professor of economics and Chinese born in America. She goes along with her best friend’s wedding with her boyfriend Nick to Singapore, where she finds out that her companion is actually from an insanely rich family, and almost all local women hunt him.