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The Seagull (2018)

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The Seagull

In this film adaptation, the viewer will see, first of all, the tragedy of talent, which is not understood by either the girlfriend or his own mother. A novice writer who suffers pain and hardships, still due to his youth, does not understand that fate thus distinguishes and tests him. The only person who believes in him is the doctor. And not at all for medical reasons, as one might think. Although … and for them too. After all, suicide means not only the weakness of the writer, who has not yet fully strengthened in the profession. (more…)


Porto (2017)

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The plot unfolds in the Portuguese coastal city. Two people: he is an American, Jake, she is a Frenchwoman, Mati. He is 27, she is 32. They meet in a cafe when Mati savors coffee and a cigarette, and Jake just came in and had enough eyes to see each other and come out together. Later it turns out that Mati is moving out and needs help dragging the heavy boxes. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to start life anew? (more…)


Being Mary Jane (season 5)

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1 episodes

The main character of the series “Being Mary Jane” is a professionally successful presenter of her own talk show, who can’t find her man in any way, but at the same time is forced to essentially keep all her numerous relatives. She is trying to combine a career with caring for her family and finding a man who can be with her. The series raised a lot of themes: equality between men and women, racial discrimination, relations between parents and children. (more…)


Roswell, New Mexico (season 1)

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Roswell, New Mexico

13 episodes

The main character of the new series “Roswell, New Mexico”, Liz, combines her studies at school with her father’s diner work One day, the girl finds herself in the epicenter of a brawl that occurred at the institution. Visitors staged a real shootout. In the end, Liz is wounded.The guy Max, studying with her in the same class, helped her. He cures the heroine with a single touch. Having understood the situation, the main character learns that Max, Isabel and Michael are alien beings. Their spaceship crashed on planet Earth many years ago. And now the guys live among the people.


What Men Want (2019)

895 views Comments (0)

What Men Want

The main heroine of the movie “What Men Want” is a sports agent. Almost all of her colleagues are white men. Therefore, a black woman among them is not too comfortable. Ali expects that the head of the agency will appoint her partner, but once again her expectations are not met: they appoint another male sneak and white. Ali is furious and commits a rash act, she publicly announces that he will sign a client like Jamal Barry, who must be drafted by the NBA under the first number. This task would be difficult, but Ali, meeting with the mysterious clairvoyant, acquires the gift: she can now read the thoughts of men. (more…)


Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

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Alita: Battle Angel

The new movie “Alita: Battle Angel” tells the story of a girl named Alita. She is endowed with an angelic face and amazing combat abilities. But her “biography” is shrouded in mystery. She will have to remember a lot about herself and her past to nderstand who she is, and what is her purpose? In addition to the bright and dynamic plot is an excellent soundtrack, which was written by the composer Junkie XL, it is equally good both in dynamic sound and in neat, quiet compositions. (more…)


Coisa Mais Linda (season 1)

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Coisa Mais Linda

1 episodes

Maria Louise moves from Sao Paulo to glittering Rio de Janeiro. 1959 is coming. She has high hopes for this city and dreams of starting a new life. However, after the move, she discovers that her husband Pedro has disappeared without a trace, taking all their money with him. It seems to the woman that everything she dreamed of was irretrievably lost. But the difficult situation makes her pull herself together, re-find herself and make new friends. Full of courage, she decides to fulfill his long-held dream and open a music club. The room in which she and her husband were planning a restaurant, she turns into a meeting place for those who adore the Brazilian bossa nova music style. (more…)


You’re the Worst (season 5)

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13 episodes

The comedy story with a share of sensual drama “You’re the Worst” tells about the relationship between young people who may look very strange. They are outcasts, white crows, who try to make each other happy, but the inner ego is much higher. The main characters see in the object of attention the real embodiment of vice. In fact, the show raises serious themes of social and personal problems, which made silent.


This Is Us (season 3)

6,931 views Comments (0)

This Is Us

18 episodes

On his 36th birthday, Jack becomes the happy father of triplets. He lives with the perfect woman Rebecca his wife. And in the very first series we see the very triplets at the very same age of 36 years. During the subsequent episodes of the series “This Is Us,” the past and the present come closer to each other, then they start to move away again. Due to this technique, we find answers to the questions and causes of the problems of the triplets, but also plunge into more and more new problems of this family. The problems are, of course, universal, because the mechanisms and cycles of development of relations are the same.


Good Trouble (season 1)

5,367 views Comments (0)

Good Trouble

13 episodes

In the new youth series “Good Trouble” in the center of the plot – two sisters Callie and Mariana, who are now at that age when you need to start an independent life away from home. They are moving to Los Angeles. Of course, no one promised that it would be easy, so the girls learn every new day on their own mistakes. Their daily life will be filled with interesting events, attempts to find a suitable job, find friends, make useful acquaintances, become part of a large workforce and change lives beyond recognition.