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Descendants 2 (2017)

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Descendants 2

The movie “Descendants 2″ is about the kingdom, which is divided into two, so to speak, countries: the first – a country of good people, called Auradon; the second – the country of evil, called the Isle of the Lost. The universe of “Descendants ” continues to expand and adds new characters to the picture. In the continuation of the first part, we are shown how hard Mel’s life has become and how new obligations are beginning to put pressure on her and “drive mad.” The movie is worth seeing all those who liked the first part of the and fans of Disney musicals, as well as lovers of fairy tales.


The Space Between Us (2017)

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The Space Between Us

In the framework of the project on the colonization of Mars, the first group of astronauts headed by Sarah Elliot is leaving for the planet. During the flight, it suddenly turns out that Sarah is pregnant, and immediately after landing on Mars she gives birth to a boy, and she dies at childbirth. The boy is given the name Gardner, but all information about his existence it is decided to be classified. It takes 16 years. Gardner all this time lives on Mars. He corresponds with one girl from the Earth over the network and very much dreams to meet her. And then one day he has a chance to go to Earth, to meet with that girl and to try to find his father, but to stay on Earth is very dangerous for his health. (more…)


Blind (2017)

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In the life of novelist Bill Oakland everything was very good. His literary works were popular with readers. Loving wife Kelly was always with him. Everything collapsed, as described in the movie Blind,” in one day. Bill together with his wife got into a nightmare car accident. His wife died on the spot, and the man suffered severe injuries. Oakland lost sight and modern medicine was powerless. Bill almost lost the desire to live. Of course he can not continue writing. His friends, relatives and all kinds of social services take care of him. (more…)


Romance at Reindeer Lodge (2017)

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Romance at Reindeer Lodge

The world is full of things that make us cold, stale and hard-hearted. Sometimes we are so hard that the Lord allows difficult situations in our lives to pass them, our hearts are melted. In the movie “Romance at Reindeer Lodge” Molly and Jared vowed not to take part in the festivities. But when they get stuck on a Christmas ranch, they have no choice but to let their cynical hearts melt. (more…)


The Mountain Between Us (2017)

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The Mountain Between Us

The main characters of the drama”The Mountain Between Us” are the writer Alex and the long-time surgeon Ben. It turns out that they are the only survivors of the crash of a private jet. The services of which they used for urgent need. During the flight, the aircraft on which the main characters are flying crashes in the forests of Colorado. They are in total isolation from the world. They need to find a common language in order to survive in the extreme conditions of the distant snow-capped mountains. And they must overcome many difficulties and they can rely only on themselves and on each other. (more…)


Outlander (season 3)

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13 episodes

The series “Outlander” tell the story about Claire Randall, the military nurse from the 40th years of the 20th century who during walk at legendary Scottish stone circles moved mysteriously in the 1743rd year. Getting to the 18th century, Claire appears in the unknown world where her life is in dander. The girl has to find an opportunity to survive and return back to the future where there was her husband Frank Randall. To escape in unknown and unfamiliar world, she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, the Scottish soldier with difficult destiny and the disarming sense of humor.


You’re the Worst (season 4)

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13 episodes

The main characters of these series “You’re the Worst” aren’t ideal. They have lots of problems and sometimes behave very roughly and aggressively. However, their meeting overturns life of everyone. No, the main characters aren’t going to change anything, and the relations between them are very strange. Whether two independent persons will be able to build the relations? Can they change themselves to create a family? The series are watched easily. It should be noted that, there is a lot of little-known, but very cool music.


The Bad Batch (2017)

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The Bad Batch

The plot of the movie “The Bad Batch” unfolds in the near future in the US, Texas. Here, in the desert, there is a small group of cannibals. They go hunting in towns and villages, then bring to their house, cook and eat. Sometimes hunting is particularly successful, then the victims trapped in cages wait for their time. Once, they catch a beautiful young woman who is just getting into this very peculiar “waiting list”. And while she waits for dinner or dinner, one of the cannibals falls in love with her. But how can one explain to the rest of his fellow tribesmen that now this woman is not a potential dinner?


Doc Martin (season 8)

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Doc Martin

8 episodes

The series “Doc Martin” is about a famous London doctor who earned a good reputation, and his fame went far beyond the main city of Britain. However, the main character decided to relax a little in an unusual place. The protagonist moves to some remote village, which is far from London. It would seem that the new place is not remarkable, but Martin sees his romance in rural life. To work as a local doctor here is a very good prospect. This is an unforgettable experience, a serious matter that will really benefit the protagonist. Is it true that everyone in the village will tolerate the absence of tact and the strange behavior of a man? This is a completely different matter. However, it is unexpected for himself that Martin appears in the village as the chief moralist, who does not mind helping all those who need his help.


Cold Feet (season 7)

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7 episodes

The series “Cold Feet” have been highly appreciated, entered in ten the best British comedy series. It was watched and enjoyed more than eight million viewers worldwide. The series have won 20 large awards, including such important award as an award from British Academy of cinema and television arts for the best comedy series. The action in the series is based on interaction and relationship of three couples.