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When Calls the Heart (season 6)

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7 episodes

The story is of Elizabeth Thatcher – a young teacher, accustomed to leading a high life, who receives her first assignment to a provincial town on the western border, which leads her to get acquainted with the masterful widows of miners. The teacher faces not only the difficulties of learning during the lessons, but also the personal problems of local residents, each of whom is unhappy in her own way. Elizabeth is determined to prove to her family that she is strong enough to live her own life, while struggling with own fears and doubts.
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The Fix (season 1)

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The Fix

10 episodes

Maya Travis is Los Angeles District Attorney. She has an established life and a successful career in the prosecutor’s office. However, having lost a resonant affair, she is forced to move to the Pacific coast, in the state of Oregon. Maya was not able to jail a popular actor accused of committing a double murder. Having failed the scandalous process, which the press watched, the heroine of the “The Fix” decides to start life with a clean face and leaves California. But when the killer delivers another blow, she returns eight years later to finally punish the culprit and bring justice to her. Will she be able to correct the mistake of the past? More …


The Enemy Within (season 1)

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The Enemy Within

13 episodes

In the center of the plot of the new series “The Enemy Within” is the former and best CIA agent Erica Shepard, now the most notorious traitor in modern history and the most hated woman in the United States who is serving a life sentence in a high-security prison. Despite this, the FBI and agent Will Keaton enlists her to catch the dangerous spy that Erica knows very well. More …


Good Girls (season 2)

2,998 views Comments (0)

Good Girls

12 episodes

The main characters of the series “Good Girls” live in a quiet suburb, where they try to cope with the difficulties that arise and not lose courage in the event of another failure. They are parents of minor children who need not only daily care and upbringing, but also financial investments in their future. But women do not have the money needed for the normal maintenance of their families. Charter alone to deal with problems, they decide to join forces and develop a cunning plan to rob a huge store. More …


Ghosts (season 1)

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6 episodes

Alison and Mike are a young couple who unexpectedly inherit a huge mansion from a distant relative. They do not realize that the house is inhabited by ghosts from different eras. Despite the advice of his realtor to immediately sell the property, the main characters decide to renovate the mansion and turn it into a family hotel. Ghosts are not very happy with this plan and decide to get rid of new tenants. After some unsuccessful attempts to frighten the couple, one of them manages to push Alison out of the window, after which the girl falls into a coma. After some time, Alison comes to his senses and finds out that her husband got into huge debts, and she got the ability to see ghosts … More …


Gentleman Jack (season 1)

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Gentleman Jack

5 episodes

1832, Yorkshire, a very original woman Anna Lister returns to her estate: she is resolute, a little rude, dressed elegantly, but in a masculine style. She arrives under the paternal lordship, having gone through a serious spiritual drama after being separated from her girlfriend. Come to forget your passion for travel. She is in charge of men’s affairs (collects rent and is going to open a mine), because in her family there is simply no one else to do it. More …


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season 4)

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Legends of Tomorrow

16 episodes

American adventure series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” is a continuation of the TV project about superheroes from the universe of DC Comics. In the fourth season, we are following a team of travelers, known as “Legends”. After the demon was killed, the team members planned to take a breather, but again they had to mobilize. After all, when they eliminated one problem, they created another one, and much more in terms of its possible consequences.
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Us (2019)

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Little Adelaide goes with her parents to the coastal amusement park, where she wanders into a mirror maze. What she saw there will shake her for the rest of her life. 30 years later, already adult Adelaide Wilson, along with her spouse and two children, daughter and son, comes to a summer holiday on the same beach. She is disturbed by vague memories from her childhood, but the threat seems to come from the other side: at night, four of them rush into their houses – an exact copy of the Wilson family, only scary looking, dressed in red overalls and armed with scissors. Similar counterparts will begin to wield at least throughout America, seeking to take the place of decent inhabitants. More …


The Beach Bum (2019)

2,864 views Comments (0)

The Beach Bum

The cheerful hedonist Moondog drinks, without drying out, does not let out of his mouth the joint and feels all the women he meets on his way. His beloved wife Minnie forgives small, albeit endless, sins: to the unlucky companion of life: first, she openly cheats on him with a family friend, rapper Loafer (Snoop Dogg); secondly, she sincerely loves her husband; thirdly, respects his talent. However, Moondog lives not on the dividends from creativity, because long ago he tied it up. It is much easier and more pleasant to burn through the considerable capital of his wife, which he took with a solid dowry. More …


The Witch in the Window (2018)

191 views Comments (0)

The Witch in the Window

Simon rarely sees his 12-year-old son Finn. Wanting to build a relationship with him, they come to an old farm in Vermont to put it in order. However, the soul of her deceased owner Lidia is in no hurry to rest. It soon becomes clear that the hostess was a dangerous witch. Being engaged in repair and opening up to each other more and more, they begin to notice strange things and feel someone’s presence. And the further the repair proceeds, the stronger the evil spirit becomes. More …