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Irrational Fear (2017)

241 views Comments (0)

Irrational Fear

Irrational Fear is a movie starring Baker Chase Powell, Jennifer Nangle, and Charles Chudabala. Six therapy patients are brought together at a secluded cabin to confront their strangest fears. But these fears won’t just hurt… More …


Ice Cream in the Cupboard (2019)

49 views Comments (0)

Ice Cream in the Cupboard

Ice Cream in the Cupboard is a movie starring Jaime King, Sean Whalen, and Tobin Bell. After being physically attacked by his loving wife Carmen, a series of unsettling incidents lead her husband Pat to question just what is… More …


Finke: There and Back (2019)

302 views Comments (0)

Finke: There and Back

Finke: There and Back is a movie starring Isaac Elliott. Blood, sweat, and dollars spill across the centre of Australia at the iconic Finke Desert Race. More …


Ash (2019)

129 views Comments (0)


Ash is a movie starring Chelah Horsdal, Tim Guinee, and Stephen Lobo. A small town news reporter is accused of unspeakable crimes while he follows a massive forest fire that threatens his community. More …


Apple Seed (2019)

1,704 views Comments (0)


Apple Seed is a movie starring Rance Howard, Michael Worth, and Esther Anderson. On a cross country road trip to rob his home town bank Prince Mccoy finds himself having to rely on the help of an ex convict hitchhiker named Carl… More …


Ladhood (season 1)

977 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

Welcome to the north of England. Here, in small provincial towns, no one will be sprayed on intelligent traits of behavior. Everyone here is what they are. The main characters are confident in themselves and know exactly what they need from life – a calm atmosphere, a favorite area, a courtyard, friends and hopes that someday life will get better. Of course, in front of the main characters do not even imagine what will happen, but their life is as clear as their clear boyish behavior. Young people here are confident, very sincere, despite the typical village style of communication and behavior. More …


Absentia (season 3)

725 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

FBI agent, whose specialization is maniacs and serial killers, once disappears without a trace while hunting one of Boston’s most famous serial killers. Six years later, she was found in a hut in the woods, barely alive, in a state of complete amnesia. In the third season, viewers will have to delve deeper into Emily’s past in light of the fact that it was revealed that she was part of a complex experiment on PTSD. More …


The Young Offenders (season 3)

249 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

British crime-adventure comedy follows two friends as they travel 160 kilometers in search of their luck. The characters of the series “The Young Offenders” travel on stolen bicycles, hoping to find a lost package of cocaine worth 7 million euros on the wrecked ship. However, Irish policemen follow the unlucky couple. Thus, the friends contributed to the capture of real criminals, they themselves did not understand. More …


American Soul (season 2)

4,558 views Comments (0)

American Soul

8 episodes

In the center of the story is an extraordinary and extravagant personality who managed to achieve extraordinary success. Mr. Cornelius was considered a respected entrepreneur and a brilliant producer. In 1971, with his submission, the American program Soul Train appeared on the American television, on the air of which the performances of artists of various musical genres were broadcast. The entertainment television program has approximately 1,100 episodes. But the launch of the show is far from the only achievement of the illustrious entrepreneur who was proud of his work and did not stop gushing with great ideas. More …


Norsemen (season 3)

272 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

A small Viking village lives like many others on the Scandinavian Peninsula in the eighth century AD. Every day they have to hunt, defend their lands from the raids of other tribes and fight for survival. Power in the village is in limbo. Two brothers are fighting for the right to lead the Vikings. It seems that they were once united by loyalty and friendship, but when it came to dominion, the family ties came to an end. Against the background of the struggle, their motives, experiences, ambitions, feelings and ultimate goals are revealed. More …