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Yellowstone (season 2)

3,494 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

The life of a fairly large and rich Dutton family, in which each member of the family is a full-fledged character with his own character and history. The family owns a large ranch – a tasty morsel for the state and the Indians. Also in the series revealed the theme of life in Indian reservations, as well as life on the ranch. “Yellowstone” is a story about that America, which many foreigners do not know. More …


Hudson & Rex (season 1)

2,159 views Comments (0)

Hudson & Rex

11 episodes

The protagonist Charlie Hudson is an excellent detective who spends a lot of time at work. He is always focused and serious, because of what he looks like unshakable authority in the eyes of others. He always works very carefully, and the extra chatter, more often than not, makes you lose sight of important details. Therefore, Charlie has long abandoned the usual teammates, and spends time with his super-professional and incredibly cool-trained dog. German Shepherd Rex – a great companion to the main character! Together, the characters are sent to numerous investigations, complementing each other perfectly. More …


Westside (season 5)

3,004 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The series takes the audience into the recent past and tells about an amazing place – New Zealand. The focus of the plot of the series “Westside” is the city of Auckland. This place is distinguished by citizens with a very active political position. Each new year after seventy-fourth will fit in one episode of this exciting and interesting series. “Westside” is a story about ordinary people who, finding themselves in a difficult situation, decided to go in search of happiness where there would seem to be no hope for a happy future. More …


Gentleman Jack (season 1)

5,097 views Comments (0)

Gentleman Jack

8 episodes

1832, Yorkshire, a very original woman Anna Lister returns to her estate: she is resolute, a little rude, dressed elegantly, but in a masculine style. She arrives under the paternal lordship, having gone through a serious spiritual drama after being separated from her girlfriend. Come to forget your passion for travel. She is in charge of men’s affairs (collects rent and is going to open a mine), because in her family there is simply no one else to do it. More …


Jamestown (season 3)

1,428 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Jamestown is a small settlement. 1607 England sends a group of men to Virginia for colonization. They founded this small settlement. After a few years, women go there too … they are destined for the fate of the potential wives of the colonists. They all want to start a new life away from the former. And where women are present, there is always envy, intrigue, insidious conspiracy. More …


Girlfriends Guide to Divorce (season 1)

7,069 views Comments (23)

Girlfriends Guide to Divorce Bravo poster season 1 2014

13 episode

Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce, follows Abby McCarthy, a self-help book author and guru of all things family, who shocks the world when she reveals that her seemingly perfect life has all been a lie. After publicly admitting that she has separated from her husband, Jake, America’s once-favorite girlfriend finds her career and marriage in a free fall. As she starts to navigate life as a single woman in her 40s, Abby turns to her new divorced friends, rather than her married ones, for advice. Her friend Lyla is a legendary no-nonsense entertainment lawyer who is in a constant “War of the Roses” battle with her ex-husband, and Phoebe is a former model and budding entrepreneur who has a very unique relationship with her ex. When she hires Delia as her divorce attorney, Abby’s brother Max, who fought hard for the right to marry, questions his sister on how she can so easily decide to walk away from her own marriage. More …


Henry Danger (season 5)

9,131 views Comments (0)

Henry Danger

19 episodes

The plot of the children’s TV series “Henry Danger” tells about a simple schoolboy who got a dream job. He is an assistant superhero Captain Man. By the same teenager has constant access to the most modern gadgets. But there are also difficulties of his own – he must hide from his parents about his dangerous occupation and, moreover, there are problems at school because of the constant missing of lessons.
More …


The Wind (2019)

635 views Comments (0)

The Wind

The action of “Wind” takes place in America of the 18th century. Somewhere in the middle of a prairie, far from cities and churches, two young and beautiful couples settled. One of the men was stronger and stronger, the other was driven and quiet. One of the women mourned her stillborn son for several years, and the other was nine months pregnant and did not fully understand who the father of the child was. However, the movie “The Wind” will tell all these details after a third of the heroes die. More …


The Hollow Child (2018)

123 views Comments (0)

The Hollow Child

Liz is impressed by the girl Samantha, who has undergone serious difficulties in her short life. The woman manages to persuade her husband to take Samantha under their care, and he agrees. The couple had a daughter, Olivia. Samantha begins to disobey and jeopardizes Olivia’s life without bringing her home. The daughter of the spouses was forced to go home through the forest and disappears. After a while she comes but she behaves differently. Samantha became aware of a hollow in which children disappear. The girl begins to guess what is happening with the step-sister and wants to inform the adoptive parents about the trouble, but they do not want to listen to her. More …


The Adventures of Jurassic Pet (2019)

189 views Comments (0)

The Adventures of Jurassic Pet

Young Chris almost magically becomes the owner of a prehistoric egg. Soon a small cute dinosaur hatched out of it, which the boy calls Albert after Einstein. Of course, Chris is trying to hide his pet from everyone except friends. And of course, in the movie “The Adventures of Jurassic Pet” there is an evil scientist, who is hunting for a dinosaur, and dreams to get his hands on this experimental animal. More …