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Dark Side of the Ring (season 2)

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Dark Side of the Ring

10 episodes

Fighting ups and downs are not as simple as they seem at first glance. The authors of the script of this series “Dark Side of the Ring” decided to focus on professional wrestling and explore the darkest stories of the golden age of professional wrestling, and try to find the truth at the junction of fantasy and reality. Someone will say that this is a frivolous sport, because in it no one strikes anyone. From backstage confrontations to mysterious deaths and unsolved murders and real conflicts, clashes of interests and other unexpected turns of events. More …


Almost Paradise (season 1)

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Almost Paradise

9 episodes

These dramatic stories affect the life of an anti-drug officer. Alex Walker is a serious and responsible person, but he still could not finish his work, because the man was forced to retire early because of the betrayal of his colleague. Now, tormented by health problems, Alex is trying to make money in a small gift shop located in a hotel in the Philippines. Of course, it is not easy for him, but not only health causes difficulties, but also the fact that here, in a warm country, there is a place for numerous criminal authorities, among whom are Alex’s old acquaintances, with whom he once fought.
More …


The Baker and the Beauty (season 1)

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The Baker and the Beauty

7 episodes

A dizzying unpredictable romance begins in the most inappropriate place – the toilet of a prestigious expensive restaurant. The main character is a typical loser Daniel, who throughout his entire conscious life works as an ordinary baker. A noble guy, unexpectedly for his own modest nature, meets an attractive charming girl Noah Hollander, who is the heiress of a multi-million dollar fortune. The famous Hollywood actor, who once loved Noah, intervenes. An insidious attacker is waiting for the perfect chance to separate the lovers. More …


JJ Villard’s Fairy Tales (season 1)

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JJ Villard's Fairy Tales

1 episodes

t’s no secret that the tales of the Brothers Grimm in the very first version were quite cruel and, by modern standards, not too childish. Over time, they have become much kinder. Adult swim decided not only to return to their former cruelty, but to make at times and times darker, crazier and perverted. It should be noted that the animated series has a rather specific picture. It seems that the design of characters and types was responsible for children from primary school. Children are very angry, but adoring to paint with brighter colors. More …


Stargirl (season 1)

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2 episodes

The main character of the story is Courtney Whitmore. Quite by accident, she discovered a mysterious wand that resembles the weapon of a famous superhero named Aquaman. Soon, Courtney finds a strange costume that the caring dad has hidden for a long time at home. And so, a simple high school student decided to organize her own team of teenagers with unpredictable strength. A small town in the province has become a real habitat where ordinary locals are not able to cope with a huge army of intruders. And let there be many obstacles and dangers.
More …


One Lane Bridge (season 1)

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One Lane Bridge

6 episodes

The plot of a six-part detective with elements of mysticism takes place in New Zealand, in the city of Queenstown. Under the narrow one-way bridge, on the stones, the farmer’s body is found. Together with his family, he lived on a remote farm. The death of a man begins to be investigated by policeman Ariki Davis, a new person in these places who has recently arrived from Auckland. Suddenly, the detective begins to haunt strange messages and suspicious sounds, especially at the scene. Gradually, he realizes that he has the gift of Maori … More …


Good Witch (season 6)

1,219 views Comments (0)

Good Witch

4 episodes

This story began some time ago, when Cassie Nightingale and her children and foster children, settled in the town of Middleton, and opened her own small shop where she sold various herbs and treated everyone with excellent teas made according to her own recipe. And besides this, she gained a reputation as a good listener and psychologist, and soon the townspeople began to turn to her for help, to share their problems with her. Then Dr. Sam Radford appeared with his son, they began to live next to the Cassie family. And not immediately, but between a “good witch” and a doctor who does not believe in magic, love, and all the rest, something very similar to love begins. And around there are a variety of amazing events. More …


Collateral Beauty (2016)

1,275 views Comments (0)


Collateral Beauty is a movie starring Will Smith, Edward Norton, and Kate Winslet. Retreating from life after a tragedy, a man questions the universe by writing to Love, Time, and Death. Receiving unexpected answers, he begins to… More …


The Platform (2020)

1,333 views Comments (0)

El hoyo

El hoyo is a movie starring Ivan Massagué, Zorion Eguileor, and Antonia San Juan. A vertical prison with one cell per level. Two people per cell. One only food platform and two minutes per day to feed from up to down. An endless… More …


Vida (season 3)

668 views Comments (0)


5 episodes

Despite the fact that Emma and Lin are sisters, they have long ceased to communicate. But because of the sudden death of her mother, Emma came to Los Angeles, where her childhood passed. Unexpected dramatic events related to their past and family make the main characters take a different look at reality. As it turned out, their mother holds many secrets that sisters would be better off not knowing about. What the main characters learned about their family forever changed their lives. More …