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Stop The Wedding (2016)

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Stop The Wedding (2016) movie poster

This is a girl’s movie because describes the most long-awaited event in a life of each average couple. It is about the day fastens two loving hearts in a whole for the rest of life. Of course, it is about a wedding. Usually this moment is full of smiles and happiness in the air but there are always people whose intentions differ from those of the bridal couple. In a word, wedding can bring many surprises.

Original Title: Stop The Wedding
Country: USA
Release Date: 2016
Genres: Comedy, Drama
Creator: Anne Wheeler
Cast: Rachel Boston, Niall Matter, Lini Evans, Alan Thicke, Teryl Rothery, David Lewis, Brenda Crichlow, Mayumi Yoshida, Sage Brocklebank, Casey Dubois, Jane Hancock, Kelly McCabe, Sean Millington, David Stuart, Elizabeth Thai

Runtime: 85 min
Language: English


Quality: HDTV
Resolution: 720 x 304
Audio: AC-3, 128 Kbps
Video: MPEG-4, 1172 Kbps
Size: 701,83 GB



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