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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists (season 1)

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Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists

1 episodes

Before us is the new American television series “Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists”. This is a spin-off of a popular youth series. The plot will tell about five girls from high school who are thinking about the comic murder of a local playboy. And he, in turn, managed to strut each of them. But someone embodies their joke in life … Along the way, the audience will learn a lot of details about the life of each of the girls, their parents and teachers, their loves, their friends, their school. The detective component, the series is present, but the main thing here – the lives of Teens. (more…)


Whiskey Cavalier (season 1)

1,112 views Comments (0)

Whiskey Cavalier

4 episodes

Will Chase – the hero of the series Whiskey Chevalier – is experiencing hard parting with his girlfriend, and it becomes known to his superiors. But if you are an employee of the CIA – parting is not a reason to relax and feel sorry for yourself. We have to collect all the forces, both physical and moral, and go on to perform the next task. Especially since anyone knows that you can get rid of bad experiences by filling in your time to failure. (more…)


MotherFatherSon (season 1)

2,019 views Comments (0)


3 episodes

The plot of the new series “MotherFatherSon” tells of a powerful family, going through difficult times. The main character, media magnate, Max, has achieved everything in life on his own and now owns a network of informational publications in London and around the world. One of his father’s assets is managed by his non-profit son Kayden, due to some decisions and actions of which not only Max’s entire business and his family is threatened, but also the fate of the country. (more…)


Serenity (2019)

675 views Comments (0)


The plot focuses on a young and attractive man living on a small island in the Caribbean sea. He is a fisherman and spends all day at sea, earning a living catch. Until recently in my life everything was perfect for him. He had a woman he loved, a great job, and a beautiful home. And then everything suddenly collapsed when the wife said that she no longer wants to live in such poverty and wants to leave. It turned out little money, which earns husband and she has moved from fisherman. Later she married some millionaire. Time passed, and at some point the fisherman even resigned himself to his fate, trying to forget the past. And after a while the former spouse returned, but all in tears and asks to help her. And now once two people in love will have to defend themselves from an aggressive millionaire who does not like when someone dared to disobey him (more…)


The Walking Dead (season 9)

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The Walking Dead

15 episodes

Few people would have thought that such a horror “The Walking Dead”, shot based on the famous comic books, could attract such attention. We can say that the new season, like its previous parts, will be dramatic, at times creepy and a bit harsh. In spite of the fact that the participants of the movement are constantly dying and the team is endangered every second, the strength of the spirit of the heroes and their purposefulness make it possible to count on success.


Strike Back (season 7)

2,272 views Comments (0)

Strike Back

9 episodes

Seven years of depression after a failed operation is enough for the protagonist of the series “Strike Back”, in order to get back to business. But he understands that he will never be the same before. Now the man goes to Iraq to take up some operations in a remote country. So many years have passed since the operation in Basra, but the memories of the sad consequences make themselves felt when Porter again encounters Collinson. The main characters will work together. But will they have the courage to take another risk once more and responsibly command their soldiers?


NCIS: Los Angeles (season 10)

5,324 views Comments (0)


18 episodes

The main action of the series “NCIS: Los Angeles” takes place in Los Angeles. The protagonists of this series are the special agent Ji Cullen and his partner – special agent Sam Hannah, a former military. In addition, he is the main expert on observation. In his work, he uses high-tech devices to help him monitor objects of interest, including agents being developed, to transfer the necessary information to his partner. Their life is very alarming and very dangerous. Because they are secret agents and conduct their investigations undercover. They investigate crimes and infiltrate criminal communities related to the national security of the country as a whole.


The Wire (season 1)

6,520 views Comments (8)

The Wire HBO season 1 2002 poster

13 episodes

Police drama tells about one of the most criminal of U.S. cities – Baltimore, Maryland. Drugs, murder, cruelty and destroyed destinies prevail in this city. Baltimore police unit tries to use special tools for the wiretapping and hidden video brought to investigating crimes of organized criminal groups involved in illicit drug trafficking. Also, detectives have to deal with corruption and political motives own superiors. (more…)


Cheat (season 1)

1,247 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The plot of the psychological drama “Cheat” revolves around the relationship between Professor University Leah, always proud of her reputation and honesty and her student. When Rose, a student of the last year, delivers a superbly written essay, Leah’s suspicion creeps in and tension arises between them, but the professor is ready to resort to extreme measures to expose the cheater. Gradually, the confrontation of two heroines leads to fatal consequences. They are in the spotlight when the police manage to restore the fateful sequence of events. (more…)


NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (season 16)

7,843 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

The series is called the “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service” – it tells about this unit, and all murders, explosions, kidnappings occur precisely with members of the navy or their relatives. All seasons are united by common lines both in development of relations of heroes, and in relation to some negative characters, whose capture team can deal with more than one year. Plots of the series are unique and often with an unexpected denouement and restrained intrigue until the very end. In the series there are also many funny moments and amusing dialogues between the characters, which dilute the seriousness of the crimes. There are also romantic lines here, and often quite unexpected.