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Station 19 (season 1)

9,554 views Comments (0)

Station 19

11 episodes

The work of the fireman is not for everyone. The constant risk to life and health, over-intensive loads, the need to be in excellent physical shape and to know all the nuances and subtleties of the service in order to avoid a fatal error – all these factors indicate that the work of the rescuer is really a calling. The series “Station 19″ is the spin-off series “Anatomy of Passion” about firefighters. The plot tells of the brave firefighters of Seattle, who daily save people’s lives in the fight against the elements.


The Name of the Rose (season 1)

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8 episodes

In the detective series “The Name of the Rose” the action takes place in the thirties of the XIV century, when Europe was marked by the killing and death of monarchs, many wars, epidemics in which the population dies. However, events taking place in one of the monasteries in the north of Italy defy logical explanation, and plunge the locals into horror. In the monastery tragically died several monks.


Astral (2019)

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When one of the university professors gave a lecture on other dimensions, the young man set about trying to use astral projection to connect with the spirit of the mother. In this movie “Astral” the authors try to talk about how to understand the traumas of the past, and show the willingness of the main character Alex to do it using very unusual means, using the poorly studied phenomenon of astral projection. (more…)


Deadly Class (season 1)

2,169 views Comments (0)

Deadly Class

10 episodes

A fascinating science fiction television series that touches on a lot of teenage problems and shows what young people brought up in harsh violence can do. In the center of the plot of the new series “Deadly Class” – a confused and lonely guy named Marcus, who lives in the street. He grew up in a shelter, where from an early age he had to learn to stand up for himself. By the will of fate, Marcus finds himself in an elite private school, where he learns not ordinary subjects, but the art of killing. Professional killers teach here, and the students are the children of famous criminals and murderers.


Serenity (2019)

927 views Comments (0)


The plot focuses on a young and attractive man living on a small island in the Caribbean sea. He is a fisherman and spends all day at sea, earning a living catch. Until recently in my life everything was perfect for him. He had a woman he loved, a great job, and a beautiful home. And then everything suddenly collapsed when the wife said that she no longer wants to live in such poverty and wants to leave. It turned out little money, which earns husband and she has moved from fisherman. Later she married some millionaire. Time passed, and at some point the fisherman even resigned himself to his fate, trying to forget the past. And after a while the former spouse returned, but all in tears and asks to help her. And now once two people in love will have to defend themselves from an aggressive millionaire who does not like when someone dared to disobey him (more…)


The Wire (season 1)

6,752 views Comments (8)

The Wire HBO season 1 2002 poster

13 episodes

Police drama tells about one of the most criminal of U.S. cities – Baltimore, Maryland. Drugs, murder, cruelty and destroyed destinies prevail in this city. Baltimore police unit tries to use special tools for the wiretapping and hidden video brought to investigating crimes of organized criminal groups involved in illicit drug trafficking. Also, detectives have to deal with corruption and political motives own superiors. (more…)


Cheat (season 1)

1,382 views Comments (0)


4 episodes

The plot of the psychological drama “Cheat” revolves around the relationship between Professor University Leah, always proud of her reputation and honesty and her student. When Rose, a student of the last year, delivers a superbly written essay, Leah’s suspicion creeps in and tension arises between them, but the professor is ready to resort to extreme measures to expose the cheater. Gradually, the confrontation of two heroines leads to fatal consequences. They are in the spotlight when the police manage to restore the fateful sequence of events. (more…)


Look Away (2018)

348 views Comments (0)

Look Away

The life of a quiet and self-contained schoolgirl Maria cannot be called easy. Parents do not understand how to communicate with her for a long time, her classmates are constantly being bullied, and her best friend is jealous of her boyfriend. However, Maria has her own secret – sometimes she communicates with her twin who lives … on the other side of the mirrors. And this twin has a suggestion that will help Maria to become much more confident and overcome her fears. But what will she want in return? (more…)


Braid (2019)

4,146 views Comments (0)


Two young criminals on the run, Tilda and Petula decide to fix their financial affairs by robbing their old friend Daphne, who lives alone in a huge house and has serious mental problems. In order to find out where the owner of the mansion keeps her savings, the main characters decide to build on the painful fantasies of their victim, and at first it all seems like a daunting task. But as soon as the girls cross the threshold of the old house, events take an unexpected turn, and it will soon become harder for burglars to distinguish the illusion from reality, which will radically change their plans for life. (more…)


Cardinal (season 3)

7,175 views Comments (0)


6 episodes

This is a mini-series of six episodes, shot in Canada, based on the book by Giles Blunt. The series begins with the fact that a corpse, a lost young girl whose murderer was not found, is found in a block of ice. To nvestigate this crime was caused a detective named Cardinal. It has everything you need for a real detective without embellishment. Not just an investigation, but the depth and ramification of plot lines.