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Destroyer (2018)

3,207 views Comments (0)


Detective Erin Bell (Kidman) has two big problems in life. First of all, her relationship with her daughter, who does not want to take her mother seriously, has gone wrong. Secondly, a criminal was recently declared in the city, many years ago killed by her partner. Bell intends to conduct an investigation, and she will act without regard for the police report. At the same time, the whole story of the movie “Destroyer” unfolds in a non-linear chronology. (more…)


Curfew (season 1)

1,938 views Comments (0)


8 episodes

Across the UK, the government introduces a curfew. These measures are taken for a reason; they will protect the population from the all-consuming virus. Freedom is more and there can be no talk, because even in the evening, people have no right to decide what to do. The situation in which the people of the country find themselves does not suit them. It seems to them that this is too cruel punishment. In response, a group of citizens creates a car race. The winner will receive complete freedom and the removal of curfew. The competition takes place at night from London to Edinburgh. There are no rules for participants, no speed limits, only victory at any price is important. There are too many rivals, but the prize is worthy of such competitions. (more…)


Keepers (2019)

409 views Comments (0)


The movie “Keepers” tells the story of the mysterious disappearance of the three lighthouse keepers. Thomas, James and Donald, the guys were strong and unpretentious. Together they set off to follow the lighthouse there to a small uninhabited island, where fate unexpectedly threw a whole box of gold at them. Naturally, such treasures cannot be abandoned and the heroes understood this very well. As a result, they agree to keep quiet about their discovery, but this does not save them from the ruthless fight with the owners of gold. (more…)


The Prodigy (2019)

643 views Comments (0)


Sarah and John are a happy married couple raising a precocious boy. Their measured life, however, begins to crack as the son matures, and more and more oddities appear in his behavior – first unexpected, and then frightening. Parents try to influence the boy through conversations with a psychologist, and then turn to a reincarnation specialist, who explains to them that the talent of an eight-year-old boy is due to the fact that someone else lives in his body. And this “someone” clearly wants to oust their child entirely. (more…)


Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

4,625 views Comments (0)

Alita: Battle Angel

The new movie “Alita: Battle Angel” tells the story of a girl named Alita. She is endowed with an angelic face and amazing combat abilities. But her “biography” is shrouded in mystery. She will have to remember a lot about herself and her past to nderstand who she is, and what is her purpose? In addition to the bright and dynamic plot is an excellent soundtrack, which was written by the composer Junkie XL, it is equally good both in dynamic sound and in neat, quiet compositions. (more…)


The Walking Dead (season 9)

10,781 views Comments (0)

The Walking Dead

16 episodes

Few people would have thought that such a horror “The Walking Dead”, shot based on the famous comic books, could attract such attention. We can say that the new season, like its previous parts, will be dramatic, at times creepy and a bit harsh. In spite of the fact that the participants of the movement are constantly dying and the team is endangered every second, the strength of the spirit of the heroes and their purposefulness make it possible to count on success.


Lizzie (2018)

308 views Comments (0)


The history of Lizzie Bordon still stirs human minds, although more than 125 years have passed since that ill-fated August 1892. Stepmother and Liziz’s father received more than a dozen blows with an ax each; Crime, evidence collection, court. The process was so famous that a century later, American kids can still read without hesitation the rhyme about Lizzie Bordon and the blows of an ax. (more…)


Escape Room (2019)

522 views Comments (0)

Escape Room

There are six of them in the movie “Escape Room”. And they came to have a good time, to play a quest (you just need to find a way out of the room) and at the same time get a tidy sum of money – at least, the organizer of the quest promised many, many dollars to the quest. Only one problem: before anyone could do it. So will our heroes be able to do it? With each new room, the six heroes realize that something is wrong here, and everything that at first seemed to them an evil joke of the organizers may turn out to be a reality. (more…)


Cold Pursuit (2019)

1,235 views Comments (0)


The main character lives high in the mountains and works on a snowplow. At some point, he learns that his son was killed … He begins his own investigation. The very story of the murder and its consequences are very complicated and several plot lines are being developed at once in the “Cold Pursuit” movie. Viewers will learn “from the inside” not only the main character, but also his friends and even enemies. (more…)


Strike Back (season 7)

2,818 views Comments (0)

Strike Back

10 episodes

Seven years of depression after a failed operation is enough for the protagonist of the series “Strike Back”, in order to get back to business. But he understands that he will never be the same before. Now the man goes to Iraq to take up some operations in a remote country. So many years have passed since the operation in Basra, but the memories of the sad consequences make themselves felt when Porter again encounters Collinson. The main characters will work together. But will they have the courage to take another risk once more and responsibly command their soldiers?