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The Lion King (2019)

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The Lion King

The scene is the same – the African savannah. Heroes are the same – the lion’s pride and its environment. The lion king Mufasa reigns in it, his wife the lioness Sarabi and the growing heir – the lion cub Simba. The plot has remained unchanged. Intrigues weave familiar. The struggle for the throne is insidious. A lion cub grows up, stuffs cones, experiences personal tragedies and learns about peace, responsibility, betrayal and love in his own skin. (more…)


The Convent (2019)

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Persephone at the beginning of the XVII century faced with injustice and appeared on false charges before the judges. Those decided that she was guilty of not committing. The accused of the crime was facing the death penalty. The venerable mother saves the girl from death, who decided to take the condemned to live in a monastery, which is in isolation. Persephone was only glad to spend time in solitude and prayers. She was preparing to serve God. Arriving at the monastery, she begins to experience terrible conditions caused by visions. And now, instead of cleansing from sins, she will fight for her own soul. (more…)


Lying and Stealing (2019)

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The new movie with the intriguing name “Lying and Stealing” will tell about an intelligent swindler specializing in theft of works of art from the Los Angeles elite. Despite professional success, the hero wants to get out of business. Eliza is a young actress who is burdened by her secrets and great debts. Once these two decide together to crank out one major final case. The result was an adventurous movie about real professional swindlers. (more…)


Fighting with My Family (2019)

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Fighting with My Family

The movie shows a very friendly family, all members of which are always ready to support and help each other. The movie “Fighting with My Family” is based on real events that take place in a small town in central England. The whole family, both parents and children, are obsessed with wrestling. And at some point, the daughter receives an invitation to qualify for the professional wrestling league. Over time, she realizes that her personality is exactly what gives her a chance to win. Well, the support provided by her family is also worth a lot. (more…)


Anna (2019)

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Russian girl Anna miraculously gets rid of her boyfriend-bandit-drug addict and thanks to a recruiter who is in love with her, she enters the KGB service, who sends her as an agent to the Paris model business to liquidate those unwanted under this cover, but she’s been reverted for the same purpose by another in her short life by a handsome from the CIA. Anna turns out to be the weapon of the security services, but even under the yoke of circumstances she is herself a master who sees the whole strategy four moves ahead. (more…)


The Russian Bride (2019)

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The Russian Bride

Independent low-budget horror “The Russian Bride” begins with the fact that an American millionaire of solid age cherishes evil plans and chooses a future wife from Russia. Mom with a pretty little daughter in the Russian province are fatally tired of her husband and are looking for a reliable spouse who would give them peace and happiness. So, leaving behind Russian poverty, Nina and her daughter Dasha fly into the arms of an elderly American surgeon, owner of a Gothic castle. (more…)


The Golem (2019)

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The Golem

The inconsolable mother Hannah, who lost her son a few years ago, continues to attempt to have a new child with her husband, Benjamin. This is a useless undertaking and does not bring any result. Then Hannah decides to devote herself to the study of ancient Hebrew texts. In the center of the chamber plot “The Golem” is the Jewish community in Lithuania. The year is 1673, so the plague is rampant in the area, and life is a complicated and rather dirty thing. After the village is attacked by thugs, the main character Hannah decides to take revenge on the offenders and creates a monster – the golem. Only the result of her work goes ambiguous. (more…)


Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure (2019)

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Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure

Norm’s charming bungler is the king of the Arctic, a talking bear, a loving grandson and friend of all animals. Despite his age, his grandfather is going to marry and asks Norm to organize a celebration, he agrees and gives the King’s word, but at this time a plane crashes over the Arctic. Curiosity and the desire to assert themselves lead Norm to the crash site, where Jin, an employee of the museum who is trying to save a Chinese relic from Dexter’s mean colleague, cannot do without his honest words. The magnanimous Norm promises the scientist to return the statuette to Beijing and at the same time to protect ше from the kidnapper. All for all the white giant has six days. (more…)


Killers Anonymous (2019)

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Killers Anonymous

According to the plot of this detective crime thriller “Killers Anonymous”, there is one secret place where the best assassins, who have mastered the skills of their business, sometimes gather for anonymous gatherings. In a circle of like-minded people, they learn to control themselves, tell their story, try to curb the internal demons. Once a mysterious newcomer appears at the club, right on the night when an important US senator dies. From this moment on, the club rises, the suspicions fall on each other, personal secrets of the past of various heroes are revealed. All this can lead to very unexpected turns of story and a sudden bloody denouement. (more…)


Ibiza (2018)

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The main heroine of the movie “Ibiza” – Harper, the boss sends her to a business trip to Barcelona. The girl tells her two best friends and they decide to go with her. But there is a meeting with the popular DJ Leo West, who liked Harper. He needs to play in Ibiza and cheerful friends decide to follow him. Spit on a business meeting and the authorities, the girls will come off. And in Ibiza can easily happen almost anything – fiery fun, flirting, and maybe a meeting of true love and unforgettable sensations… (more…)