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The Wind (2019)

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The Wind

The action of “Wind” takes place in America of the 18th century. Somewhere in the middle of a prairie, far from cities and churches, two young and beautiful couples settled. One of the men was stronger and stronger, the other was driven and quiet. One of the women mourned her stillborn son for several years, and the other was nine months pregnant and did not fully understand who the father of the child was. However, the movie “The Wind” will tell all these details after a third of the heroes die. (more…)


The Hollow Child (2018)

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The Hollow Child

Liz is impressed by the girl Samantha, who has undergone serious difficulties in her short life. The woman manages to persuade her husband to take Samantha under their care, and he agrees. The couple had a daughter, Olivia. Samantha begins to disobey and jeopardizes Olivia’s life without bringing her home. The daughter of the spouses was forced to go home through the forest and disappears. After a while she comes but she behaves differently. Samantha became aware of a hollow in which children disappear. The girl begins to guess what is happening with the step-sister and wants to inform the adoptive parents about the trouble, but they do not want to listen to her. (more…)


The Adventures of Jurassic Pet (2019)

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The Adventures of Jurassic Pet

Young Chris almost magically becomes the owner of a prehistoric egg. Soon a small cute dinosaur hatched out of it, which the boy calls Albert after Einstein. Of course, Chris is trying to hide his pet from everyone except friends. And of course, in the movie “The Adventures of Jurassic Pet” there is an evil scientist, who is hunting for a dinosaur, and dreams to get his hands on this experimental animal. (more…)


Men in Black: International (2019)

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Men in Black: International

Agent M (Tessa Thompson) is a simple girl who, in early childhood, after contact with an alien, was forgotten to erase the memory of the staff of “Men in Black”. She devoted her entire life to finding this mysterious organization: she passed all the exams perfectly and whispered to persuade employees of all sorts of CIA and FBI to conduct her to “thus” – naturally, they only laughed at her. But by chance, as well as thanks to ingenuity and technical skills, she still ends up in the American office. After a short exam, she is eagerly accepted and sent on a mission to London, where she, along with handsome agent H (Chris Hemsworth), must find “Mole” in the ranks of the organization. (more…)


I Am Mother (2019)

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I Am Mother

From the very beginning, we are told that there is not a single living person on Earth, and we are to blame for this. War, disease and disaster occur through the fault of man. But, in this story, “I Am Mother”, a high-tech robot mother is engaged in the salvation of mankind, which brings up a girl from a preserved embryo. And she brings her comprehensively. A girl should be able to do a lot, knowledge is checked by exams and the girl is making progress. She is destined to become the mother of a future colony of new people, whose embryos carefully preserve the walls of the laboratory. After all, outside the laboratory there is no life and everything is infected. Or not? (more…)


Dark Phoenix (2019)

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Dark Phoenix

The main character of the movie “Dark Phoenix” is positioned Gene Gray / Dark Phoenix. The film opens an episode from her childhood. We meet her eight years old, her parents and the tragedy that happened to her family. We learn how she met Professor X – Charles Xavier. How Jeanne found her second darker self. Viewers are asked to figure out: who is Jean Grey really? Are there any limits to her abilities? Does she need such as she is for people in general and X-Men in particular?


We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2019)

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After the mysterious death of their relatives, sister Merrickat, Constance and their uncle Julian Blackwood have been living in the estate for six years in isolation from the whole world. The sisters are faced with an inadequate reaction of the inhabitants of a small town, who are ready to suspect them of almost diabolical wiles. Further, in the movie “We Have Always Lived in the Castle”, there is a direct clash between those who prefer to retire in a suburban castle, with intruders from outside, including the unexpectedly announced cousin Charles, who has his own views on the inheritance and even on the hand of the older sister. (more…)


Rocketman (2019)

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The childhood of little Reginald was not easy, mainly due to the indifferent mother. She is beautiful and cold. How bad it is to have a bad family relationship, without warmth and understanding. Childhood was shown in the movie “Rocketman” to explain how Elton John came to homosexuality. On the other hand, if he were not gay, he would not have been able to ride a rooster in a suit around the stage and would not have earned the money needed for promotion. As a talented musician began, there were lots of difficulty. A creative person usually does not understand the financial side of the issue. And there is always such a person, who first helps and promotes, and then robs. (more…)


Domino (2019)

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A policeman leads the hunt for the murderer of his partner and finds himself in the center of events, where a well-known terrorist organization is operating in the territory of European states. The key theme of this movie “Domino” is important for all of Europe, and in principle for the whole planet – terrorism. These rascals find fanatics among religious sects and they shoot, blow up ordinary, peaceful citizens. And accordingly, the police and the omnipresent CIA agents catch them. (more…)


Charlie Says (2019)

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Charlie Says

On August 8 and 9, 1969, members of the Charlie Manson Family sect killed the pregnant actress Sharon Tate and her guests, as well as a couple of entrepreneurs Leno and Rosemary La Bianca. Three years later, the killer girls who had fulfilled the will of Charles Manson and are now serving a life sentence in the California Women’s Prison are being visited by graduate student volunteer Karlin Faith. Carlin deals with literature, philosophy and journalism with local prisoners, and Leslie, Patricia and Susan become her new charges. Faith is trying to prove (with the help of progressive – feminist first of all – literature) to girls that real life has nothing to do with the Manson mirror, and those in return share with her memories of the days spent on Span’s ranch. (more…)