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Monster Island (2017)

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Monster Island

The director of the family cartoon was Leopoldo Aguilar, this is the first full-length work of the director. A creative duet worked on the script – Billy Frolik and Alicia Nuñez Puerto. An instructive story tells about a boy who finds out that he is not like the other guys at school, and his whole family is monsters, literally! The cartoon was produced by Ánima Estudios, a Mexican studio, and India Discreet Arts Production was responsible for the animation. (more…)


Racetime (2018)

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gth animated film produced by the Canadian studio CarpeDiem Film & TV. This is the second cartoon, which again brings us back to a Canadian village – around the mountains, snow and forest. What else to do local children, if not winter fun? Only this time the heroes will compete in high-speed sleigh rides. Wins the one who comes down first. It seems that everything is simple, but passions flare up here, as in an adult serious competition … (more…)


Look Away (2018)

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Look Away

The life of a quiet and self-contained schoolgirl Maria cannot be called easy. Parents do not understand how to communicate with her for a long time, her classmates are constantly being bullied, and her best friend is jealous of her boyfriend. However, Maria has her own secret – sometimes she communicates with her twin who lives … on the other side of the mirrors. And this twin has a suggestion that will help Maria to become much more confident and overcome her fears. But what will she want in return? (more…)


Dumplin’ (2018)

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The movie tells the story of one teenager plus-size Will, who was raised by her aunt while her mother went about her business and became many times the winner of beauty contests, a career and frankly embarrassed her imperfect daughter. Of course, the “fashionable mother”, obsessed with fashion and beauty, did not have time before raising her daughter. Now the aunt is no longer there and the teenager is looking for her “own soul” … In order to show her “I” and go on to prove to others, the girl decides to participate in a beauty contest site. What will come of it? (more…)


Braid (2019)

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Two young criminals on the run, Tilda and Petula decide to fix their financial affairs by robbing their old friend Daphne, who lives alone in a huge house and has serious mental problems. In order to find out where the owner of the mansion keeps her savings, the main characters decide to build on the painful fantasies of their victim, and at first it all seems like a daunting task. But as soon as the girls cross the threshold of the old house, events take an unexpected turn, and it will soon become harder for burglars to distinguish the illusion from reality, which will radically change their plans for life. (more…)


The Happy Prince (2018)

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The Happy Prince

Oscar Wilde, after two years of hard labor, where he was sent for “gross obscenity” with males, is leaving for continental Europe, away from general harassment. He has almost no money, and his friends, with the exception of a few close ones, turned away from the famous writer. But this does not prevent Wilde from embarking on everything serious: he arranges booze and mass orgies for the last money, and during a break between them he cries for the family left in England and tells the story of the Happy Prince to two Parisian rags. (more…)


The Favourite (2018)

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The Favourite

1708 England is fighting for the Spanish legacy with France. Queen Anne is over forty, and she does not care about the war, nor about the government of the country. After seventeen pregnancies, each of which ended in tragedy, the unhappy woman sits in her palace, seizing gout and stress cakes and pukes. Her closest friend, Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough, takes all the “care” on herself, manipulating the sick queen in the interests of her husband, who leads the English army on the front line. In the midst of events in the palace appears Abigail Hill – cousin of Sarah Churchill. Having entered the job as a servant, Hill masterfully spreads himself first on his cousin, and then on the queen herself. In this triangle takes place the action of “The Favourite”.


Second Act (2018)

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Second Act

Maya Vargas (Jennifer Lopez), a simple supermarket employee with the appearance of a Hollywood diva, dreams of a management position. She is confident that after 15 years of successful work, she deserved her career advancement. However, the chief leaves her assistant manager, and takes a self-confident fool obsessed with team building and role-playing games in the top position. The reason is simple: the newcomer has a university degree, while Maya does not. She had no time to get a higher education. She grew up without parents and achieved everything in life herself. (more…)


Free Solo (2018)

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Free Solo

American climber Alex Honnold decided to conquer one of the highest and most difficult peaks in North America – Mount El Capitan. In 2017, he made a solo ascent, i.e. climbing alone, without insurance, relying only on their own strength and experience. The National Geographic team filmed his crazy idea, recording Alex’s every step. Climbing higher and higher along a practically steep rock, both Alex and the film crew understood that any mistake along the way could be fatal for a climber. “Free Solo” is a National Geographic documentary about rock-climber Alex Honnold. (more…)


A Dog’s Way Home (2019)

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A Dog's Way Home

A young guy named Lucas, who loves animals very much, rescues the puppy Bella from death and takes it. The dog is very fond of the owner, but because of sad circumstances once was hundreds of kilometers away from him. But Bella is not discouraged – she is sure that she will be able to return home, because love – even if it is love of a dog and owner – can not be stopped. On the road, Bella is waiting for incredible adventures, dangers and amazing discoveries. (more…)