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The Children Act (2018)

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The Children Act

Judge Fiona May (Emma Thompson) once again stays up late, ignoring calls from Jack (Stanley Tucci), her husband, to go to sleep. Before Fiona there is a difficult task: the hospital asks for permission to separate the Siamese twins, but during the operation one of the babies will surely die. May makes a decision, instantly appearing in the newspapers: they call her a murderer, but she is used to it. (more…)


Missing Link (2019)

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Missing Link

Meet Sir Lionel Frost, the brave traveler and discoverer. Only Sir Lionel opens up not new lands inhabited by savages, but mythical creatures. Alas, colleagues do not appreciate such a contribution to science and refuse to accept Frost to the Club of Great Travelers. To prove his status, the hero makes a bet and goes in search of the “lost link” – the wild bigfoot. Sir Lionel Frost (Hugh Jackman) considers himself the best researcher of myths and monsters in the world. Sir Lionel’s last chance to express himself in front of others is to travel to the Pacific Ocean, to the north-west of America. (more…)


High Life (2018)

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High Life

The action of the movie takes place in the future outside the solar system. Most of the action “High Life” is presented in the form of flashbacks. The late crew of the ship to the beginning of the movie are several criminals who, instead of life imprisonment or the death penalty, chose a great space travel. Monte (Robert Pattinson) – one of the criminals was sent to the space mission to study the black hole. On the ship, he, like other passengers, becomes an unwitting participant in reproductive experiences, as a result of which he has a daughter Willow. But soon the life of the heroes is in danger. (more…)


Hellboy (2019)

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The main character of the movie is comic character Mike Minyola. If you call a spade a spade, then it’s a little devil. This creature, which appeared in our world straight from Hell. His skin color is red. He has a tail. Formally, there are also horns, but they are cut down, although they periodically try to grow again. Let’s add here one giant stone arm (the second one is ordinary), a beardburns with a beard and supernatural abilities, of course. And here is Hellboy. The creature is for us, for earthlings. It is opposed to its purpose and protects the world from other representatives of the other world. In this part, Hellboy (David Harbor) will have to not only learn the history of his origin, make a choice: which side is he on – good or evil – and fight with another misfortune. (more…)


First Light (2018)

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First Light

High school student Alex Laney is puzzled by mysterious lights that flash over their small town. During the night bathing, she comes into contact with the mystical lights that save the girl from death. After some time, the girl is endowed with dangerous supernormal abilities and asks her school friend Sean to help her figure it all out. The authorities are pursuing a couple, trying to figure out what is behind this strange transformation. (more…)


Us (2019)

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Little Adelaide goes with her parents to the coastal amusement park, where she wanders into a mirror maze. What she saw there will shake her for the rest of her life. 30 years later, already adult Adelaide Wilson, along with her spouse and two children, daughter and son, comes to a summer holiday on the same beach. She is disturbed by vague memories from her childhood, but the threat seems to come from the other side: at night, four of them rush into their houses – an exact copy of the Wilson family, only scary looking, dressed in red overalls and armed with scissors. Similar counterparts will begin to wield at least throughout America, seeking to take the place of decent inhabitants. (more…)


The Beach Bum (2019)

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The Beach Bum

The cheerful hedonist Moondog drinks, without drying out, does not let out of his mouth the joint and feels all the women he meets on his way. His beloved wife Minnie forgives small, albeit endless, sins: to the unlucky companion of life: first, she openly cheats on him with a family friend, rapper Loafer (Snoop Dogg); secondly, she sincerely loves her husband; thirdly, respects his talent. However, Moondog lives not on the dividends from creativity, because long ago he tied it up. It is much easier and more pleasant to burn through the considerable capital of his wife, which he took with a solid dowry. (more…)


The Witch in the Window (2018)

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The Witch in the Window

Simon rarely sees his 12-year-old son Finn. Wanting to build a relationship with him, they come to an old farm in Vermont to put it in order. However, the soul of her deceased owner Lidia is in no hurry to rest. It soon becomes clear that the hostess was a dangerous witch. Being engaged in repair and opening up to each other more and more, they begin to notice strange things and feel someone’s presence. And the further the repair proceeds, the stronger the evil spirit becomes. (more…)


Shazam! (2019)

794 views Comments (0)


The main character in this movie “Shazam” is a teenager who, unexpectedly for himself and those around him, acquires unprecedented superpower. He will have to learn his capabilities, and at the same time solve a number of global problems. He has to understand who is “family” for him, and does this word mean something to him? And he has to come to grips with, out of nowhere, a supervillain. (more…)


Dumbo (2019)

3,516 views Comments (0)


The movie “Dambo” tells the story of the circus life of the late nineteenth century. The main character in it is a charming little elephant with big ears. As soon as he was born, it became clear that he was special. No newborn baby elephant had such big ears as his! But the most surprising thing was that this baby could use them as wings. A baby elephant fluttering at a height – such thing a world has not exactly seen! (more…)