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The Head Hunter (2019)

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The main and only protagonist of their movie “The Head Hunter” is a bearded warrior (Christopher Rye), a “head hunter” who lives in the wilderness near the castle. From time to time, the sound of a forge is heard, signaling that a particular monster has appeared in the vicinity. The hero is in a hurry to the walls of the castle, where a new task awaits him. We know little about the past of the knight, but the main thing we know is that he had a daughter who was killed by one of the monsters living in this world. And, actually, the inconsolable father conducts his patrol only for one purpose, lives only with one hope – that sometime this monster will fall to him, and then he will carry out his revenge. (more…)


Five Feet Apart (2019)

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This movie is about two teenagers in love living with a disease that prevents them from approaching each other. In the center of the movie “Five Feet Apart” – Stella. she is a patient of a hospital with a diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. She is undergoing treatment and leads her YouTube channel, which tells about the fight against the disease that affects the external secretion glands and violates the functions of the respiratory organs. Stella always adheres to the rules, so it is difficult for her to come to terms with the advent of a new patient – a guy named Will, who doesn’t care about the medication (more…)


Deadwood (2019)

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It takes place in the town of Deadwood in South Dakota, which in 1889 received city status. As expected, the owner of the land, through which the telegraph line must pass, is not going to sell it to a large cone from a big city. Well, as everyone understands, such a dilemma is solved only in one way … The main character, Marshal Seth Bullock, is trying to fight corruption and greed, which came along with an unnamed guest. Will he be able to protect the town from the villains, what is the fate of the main character, the town and its inhabitants … (more…)


Avengers: Endgame (2019)

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Avengers: Endgame

They have already lost. And they simply cannot lose the second time. Otherwise it will be the end – the final. The new movie “Avengers: Endgame” will tell how the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy enter the last stage of the war with Thanos, who owns the almighty glove of infinity. The final battle between the forces of the heroes and the Mad Titan is coming, which once and for all will determine the further fate of not only the Earth, but also the whole Universe. (more…)


American Ultra (2015)

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American Ultra

This is a loser guy, without normal work and goals in life, sitting on soft drugs, suffering from panic attacks, for whom the only joy in life is his girlfriend. But it turns out that the guy is not at all simple, and overnight his life changes dramatically, from a failure he turns into almost a superhero. He works in a store in which there are practically no buyers. Suddenly, everything changes when a strange woman comes to his shop, then someone tries to kill him in the parking, and he easily repulses the offenders with a bucket of noodles and a spoon. (more…)


The Professor and the Madman (2019)

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The Professor and the Madman

1872 Scholars from Oxford, desperate to compile a comprehensive and comprehensive English dictionary, entrust this overwhelming task to Professor James Murray (Mel Gibson), a self-taught enthusiast from Scotland. He, assessing the scale of the enterprise, decides to resort to the help of the collective mind and throws the cry to all parts of Britain with a call to send him the words written out from the books explaining their meaning and origin. The most valuable assistant of Murray is a certain William Minor (Sean Penn), whose letters are delivered literally in bags. Having decided to get acquainted with the mysterious correspondent, the professor discovers that Minor is a former American military doctor, now imprisoned in the infamous Broadmoor psychiatric hospital. (more…)


The Curse of La Llorona (2019)

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The Curse of La Llorona

Anna is a guardian who visits problem families with children. Once during a visit to one of her ward families, she finds a strange scene: the children of the hostess are locked behind a door with strange drawings. After releasing frightened children, Anna sends them to a shelter, and the next day they are found dead. From that moment on, Anna’s son and daughter are beginning to notice more and more with a woman with a closed face, who is following them everywhere and everywhere. Soon the family will face her face to face, and will realize that their pursuer is La Llorona, a damned ghost from Mexican legends picking up other people’s children. (more…)


Pyewacket (2018)

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The girl Leah is going through a teenage crisis – she loves satanic metal, hangs posters with Ville Valo on the wall and drinks vino with her friends. Who did not have this? Despite the apparently poser aesthetics, Leah is seriously interested in the occult sciences. Her mother is experiencing the death of her husband and often breaks down on her daughter. It ends with a move to a house in the forest – the girl has to go to another school and cannot often see her friends. Furious Leah goes to conjure and calls the spirit, who was supposed to kill her mother. (more…)


Blood Fest (2018)

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Blood Fest

This is the third movie “Blood Fest” from the online media studio “Rooster Teeth”, tells the story of three young people who are fan of the horror genre. They gathered at the festival, at the helm of which is a maniac Anthony Walsh. And his plans do not include to entertainment guests. Murderers in masks, pigs with chainsaws, zombies, clowns, maniacs, vampires, followers of Saws – all these infernal characters will try to deal with our characters in the most sophisticated way possible. (more…)


After (2019)

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A diligent student and raised daughter Tessa Young arrives at the college. She leaves behind the threshold of the dorm room mother and boyfriend, and meets new neighbors. One of them is still linked to a new boy, Hardin Scott. But as you might guess, not for long. Ahead – hot hugs with Tessa. However, the grain of unhealthy relations between Tessa and Hardin was laid from the very beginning. The challenge he received in the game to make a girl fall in love is a real trauma for a young lady. (more…)