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New design of links and new function “report broken link”

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Hello guys. We have two great news today. We have slightly changed the design of the links to download. Now, hopefully, it will be easier to navigate a file to download. The second news is – you can report the problem if the link doesn’t work. It’s simple to do: click on the “report broken link” on the problematic file and write a few words describing the problem. For example: “Can you download Season 5 episode 3 again. Thank you”

PS: If you have any problems with displaying links or work function “report broken link” – write about it in the comments to this news. Thank you!

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  • Ahmad Eldemerdash

    GO ON :D
    – find another links support RESUME
    – make hint to tell us the next session when current session is completed

  • MLadyX

    Keep2Share have not responded to the lack of downloading today. There’s just ‘nobody home’ ……………

  • fj098

    Please be careful that all the fixes and running.

  • sue

    new movies would be great nothing since september ?

  • Dean ?lohessy

    Can you please explain to me why when I click on a Keep2Share download for an episode in any program I get the message ” Web page could not be found” This means I cannot get what I paid for as a Lifetime Premium member.

  • fj098

    Write the problem, in this show that you want to download, and I’ll check

  • Dean ?lohessy

    It seems that the link is working OK now. I do have another question for you. I am Australian and the news is that they are cracking down on illegal down loading of TV programs and movies, for example “Game of Thrones”. Do I have to be concerned being a member of your organization. My understanding is that because we pay a fee we are OK. Can you please tell me this is so.
    Dean Clohessy

  • fj098

    I think it should be all right)


    Everything is fine!