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The links for download – what variant do you like most?

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Dear friends, we have prepared a new kind of links to download files. Please take a look and tell us which variant is best: new or old?

New form: //
Old form: //

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  • Jane

    Old way best

  • Pavelow

    Stick with your current format. Easier to see and doesn’t require as much time to download to view the page.

  • kol

    old format.

  • Geoff

    Stick with the old way. It is easy to read and less to scroll.

  • Suresh

    Old is best. Also in old format, please change the font color from red to blue. (The clicked links will be in red in most of the browsers)

  • Anna

    The old form. Much easier to read.

  • Chris Hutchison

    The new one is better but it would be even better with the date that each file was uploaded

  • Mark Anthony Dillard

    new for sure

  • HelloEveryone84

    the new one is good but i have one question – at the new one i do not see any links for Nitroflare – hopefully you do not forget them??

  • Tiny Raymond

    old format please

  • Old format please.

  • zanel

    Old Format much simpler

  • tony

    old format is better — takes up less space and is clearer, and easier to read. The graphics of the new format makes the text less legible.

  • Alberto Dambruck

    I too prefer the old format, and please don’t leave out the nitroflare links.

  • faq1

    old is better

  • Jenny

    I prefer the old format. The new one looks too confusing!

  • Marco Nabil

    the old one have NitroFlare which support larger files to free users that’s my real issue here not the new crappy graphic

  • Ghosty

    Old format

  • Angus

    Keep the old format – much easier to read!

  • DYM

    prefer old format

  • ih

    New very fancy, but scrolling too long, thus prefer old. Regards

  • chris

    Old is nice and simple, plus very functional.

  • Morne

    Prefer the old version, scrolling on new one too long

  • xnewf

    Old version is neater, more concise. And where the hell did NitroFlare go on the new one?

  • Sarelseekat

    Old Version works for me. Also won’t loos any sleep with a new look. It does the same thing in the end….

  • Coco

    old version. If it ain’t broke!

  • Cirx

    I agree, The old format still wins, all the same information in a smaller area, less scrolling about.

  • zeina

    The old format is better, easier to find the info and shorter. keep the old format