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how to order tv series


After a short break, we accept orders for placing movies and TV series again. So if we miss something to add on our website – feel free to write your suggestions here. We will try to find a necessary content as soon as possible, and place it on a site. We are glad that you are with us!

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  • MLadyX

    Would love to see the British series ‘Allo Allo’ please. :D

  • Fillet

    MacGyver would be great, along with Numb3rs and Silent Witness

  • Tarras

    Some of the older TV series, like from the 60’s & 70’s would be fantastic. Westerns, comedys etc.

  • RUAN


  • Jaughn

    How about the new Netflix mini-series Chef’s Table?

  • Dean ?lohessy

    The new Australian movie ” Oddball” would be great to see.

  • Sarcasticator

    Can you PLEASE add Heartland (CA). My wife is driving me crazy!