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What would make our service better?

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Hello guys!

We need your advice. What do you want to see on our site? What would make our service better?
Write your propositions in the comments to this post. We will implement the best of them! Thank U!

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  • ruan

    How about the opportunity to request movies.

  • kk

    I prefer files in mp4 format.

  • penny

    It would be really great if you could implement a way to show if there was 1 or 2, etc. new episodes per series. The way it is now, we only see that there is at least 1 new episode and we don’t see at once if there are more than 1 for the same TV Show this day. That would be great :) Thanx!


    within two weeks u’ll see about 500 new movies here

  • Diana Weber Giba

    Whooo Hoooo – I miss that from before. I was about ready to start shopping for a new site, but now I’m happy to wait cuz I Love your service :o) THANKS

  • Lawless

    In my opinion movies should be under 1 GB. Also, have you thought to start using some file sharing services that are allowing free users to download files?

  • Lawless

    I would like to see date of upload beside the link.
    Also, all files should contain English subtitles.
    Forum would be nice…

  • nick perrett

    i would also like to see this too, like the show airdate so i know i am watching the right one as i watch many programmes on here and forget what episode it is at

  • jay

    A download site to use PayPal with as I used to use the site when as file was here and had PayPal . used after they went and cost me double .. I don’t know of any of the other methods to pay

  • Phil McGregor

    A good idea would be to use download services that aren’t actually regarded as fraud risks by Banks, even for prepaid credit cards. ALL of the current download services you use are so regarded by local banks. Not good.

  • tony

    optional english subtitles please.

    bring back old classics e.g. sex and the city; golden girls; cybil…

  • Phillipa

    more updated downloads would be good been waiting for Atlantis S2 uploads past EP 6 & Constantine.

  • debrus

    The truth is, you guys were fantastic until the day I could not get my visa card accepted. For me, that coincided with the sanctions imposed due to the Russian invasion of Crimea. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. With the authorities getting tougher on torrenting of TV shows, you need to get really serious. You need your down data storage servers and you need to lock your site down to those who wan tot and can subscribe then offer them what they want. You need to ensure that payments can be accepted to you directly and independently of VISA or MasterCard. That’s the hard part, but do that and you’ll survive. I’ll watch with interest, as I think you guys do a wonderful service. I really want to support you, and I loved the service you provided, but if payment remains via a credit card, it’s just not a happening thing right now, which is a real shame.

  • Linda

    I had huge fraud on my credit card the last time I subscribed to Keep 2 Share. Will not be renewing my subs this month!

  • Nathan

    Yes i had the same couldn’t figure out where it came from although it happened a few days after renewing k2s.

  • Nathan

    Do you guys own any of these file sharing sites because i cant help but notice how easy it would be for people to get caught downloading these files.

  • Coco

    How about splitting the larger files into so that we can download 720 HD shows for free. I’ve started looking elsewhere since I keep getting the “only members can download files over 1GB” message. It’s a pity as otherwise I’d say it’s a great site.

  • Basia

    Yes, I second that. Ever since AsFile disappeared I haven’t been able to download a single movie or episode in HD quality due to file size.

    File sharing sites you use are not reliable, so I will not risk my credit card frauded purchasing premium accounts. Other than credit card methods of payment might help.

  • MikeK

    A decent (fast) premium download option that works … Keep2Share is stupid slow, NitroFlare is faster, but their ‘security system’ has trouble with a VPN and keeps blocking my account as they think I’m sharing it.

    Trying to support you and buy thru your affiliate links, but since ASFile stopped replacements aren’t very good.

  • Anon

    Something i miss on every site (also like torrents) is a favorite list so i can make a Marker for eg The Blacklist. Also a Page where i see all new episodes from Marked shows. So if I had Blacklist and 12 Monkeys on my list and both have new episodes I get only these two episodes on that page for download. This is pretty simple to program into the site and would bring a lot of comfort to all registered users.

  • GMan

    Please use DepositFile.

  • Nathan

    That isnt possible if it is a good quality video :) The file size is to do with the quality of the video and how long it is

  • Doug

    Your site is amazing, amongst the best out there from the point of view of layout, show content and TV news and information. I use it as an information site about series, what’s showing or coming up and series descriptions. That’s about as far as it goes, your lack of a free, fast download host leaves your site unusable for downloading. I get my TV series from sites not nearly as pretty nor informative as yours, but they have free, fast hosts so that’s where the downloaders go.

  • Doug

    Oh, and most those hosts also don’t have file size limits.

  • bill

    Get rid of K2S as they sell your CC details.

  • none

    I sure hope you didn’t vote for Putin!

    Then, the situation you mention is partially your fault…

  • none

    Lawless: Yes. the subtitles should be built into all the files. It would save a lot of hassle in finding them.

  • Lawless

    I agree with the statement but there are some extremely gooood movies in BR RIP – 720p quality (about or more than 100 min) in less than 1 GB. We can find CAM RIP of 1.6GB with crappy video and awful sound quality…

  • David

    Hi Doug,

    would u mind sharing what r those sites that u use to download.

    thank you in advance

  • Tarras

    You got prove of that statement?

  • Phil McGregor

    FWIW my financial institution has blocked ALL of the Credit Card payment options for K2S, Publish2 AND Nitroflare as ‘Fraud Risks.’

    Even the pre-pay Post Office Visa Card I got to get around the problem ALSO rejects ALL of them for exactly the same reason.

    And I have been scammed by one of the three TWICE before it was confirmed that they were, indeed, the source of the scamming.

    Does that constitute ‘proof’?


    we reached k2s and they answered “No” with respect to this potential threat


    we will consider that


    thx. we will think about it


    we are working on this. but those are the best filesharing services we tested


    could you please concact keep2share? we dont have issueas like that


    thx for your words. But unfortunately visa an so on are providing the best money transfer service for customers all over the world, and we do not know alternatives.

    PS. Crimea is a wonderful place, by th way)




    we will consider. and we will add a lot of new @[email protected] shows


    sorry, but it takes a lot of time to make mp4 for us


    we will think about this

  • AndreC

    Firstly, i would like to say thank you for the service you guys are delivering to us, i think its important to recognize what you guys are doing with the high risks involved. I have been using the site for a few years now and there are a few things you guys can do to improve the service even much more:

    1. having a specific place where people can request series (at the top, maybe menu item or tab where its permanent so that people can see it) i think that would make your lives easier, as you can go to 1 specific place to see what the public wants to watch, then you wont have people posting in Hart of Dixie, “will you upload Angel all the seasons” (example) and never find or see the request made for the series as its not in the correct place.

    2. decent download services, i personally would buy a premium account if i can do it via Paypal, i refuse to give out my credit card details, because of the risks involved (and judging in the below comments, i’m glad that i decided not to do it). And maybe have a download option for the free users for the movies (like AsFile), for those that cant afford to support you guys (but just keep in mind…word of mouth travels, and if you have 1 happy client he / she will refer friends to your website), that means more people using your website and having people that will support you financially (as 3 of my friends did with their premium accounts).

    3. making sure that the series / movie uploaded is working, download links are working and that the codecs are correct, there is nothing more frustrating, than waiting for your series to come out…you download it and its not working (Flashpoint – S04E09, downloaded it last night from NitroFlare, WMP encounters a problem, when adding it to my TV it doesn’t work…but when i play it with VLC, it works but i cant forward the episode), as this wastes not only our time, but your time as well, cause you will have to re-upload it again and reply to numerous comments, “fixed”.

    This is all i can think of, but thank you again, for giving us a place where we can find our favorite series / movies, keep up the good work!

  • reuben

    bring 4 us back series from 90s to2000s pliz

  • Dimitry

    I had the same problem

  • Dimitry

    Phil i start using gift cards from my bank they seems to work well and no worries

  • Phil McGregor

    Doesn’t matter what they say, 3 different CCs from three different Banks as well as a pre-paid Post Office CC don’t work … all showing ‘fraud risk’ as reason for transaction not going through. K2S could be purer than the driven snow, but three Banks and VISA don’t seem to think so (and it is the same for Publish2 and Nitroflare). I suspect that they are all based in Eastern Europe and that’s the problem. Certainly I have no problem with other sites using Western European services and payment options … never been ripped off by bogus transactions from them, either.

    Look, I *want* to *give* you money, but no Australian Bank or even VISA seems to want to allow me.

  • TAE

    have mkv files, they have better quality with smaller file size

  • Maria Carmela Oma?a

    I’ve been using this site for as long as I can remember and is BY FAR the best one to download anything, for that i thank u soooooo much, being able to watch shows that i can’t get on my country is very much appreciated… but yes, there are always things to improve. It’s pretty cool you are asking users what they feel you lack…
    I think, as pretty much everyone else, that your download services are the most important part, just use different file sharing sites so as a visitor, i would pick the one i think is the best, since the sites you use now don’t allow free users to download big files, you should consider making it a 2 part download or something like that, and maybe have a torrent option for those who don’t like file sharing sites.
    Also the layout it’s not the easiest one to use, i know it migth be alot of work, but if we create users, we could add the shows we like to a list… you know, so instead of looking for each show i watch, i can go to that list and go directly to them to check if there are new episodes…
    and my last advice is not much, but maybe adding to the info of the show the amount of episodes per season… so i can keep track of how many are left and/or when the season is over….
    Again thank u so much… love your site! keep the good work!

  • vince

    Genres for films or tv series. – when you click on horror for example you should have an option to select between horror films or tv series

    The same with all of the other genres, as currently if you select the genre horror the films and tv series are all mixed up together and you have to search for loads of tv series just to find a horror film etc.

  • southarm2006

    I think you guys provide great info on TV series, but I’m staying away from Nitro and K2S and instead use others like Filefactory/Rapidgator/Datafile as more downloads including majority of movies from these sites. As you can see your movie section is rather slim in content.

  • ih

    Hi there, got new CC and use it only on K2S so far, someone tried to use it just after that. Don’t use CC for anything else, cause most sites take Debit cards now. It happened twice, first with Publish then Keep2Share. So I will have to find another payment method as well.

  • ih

    Yes please

  • ih

    TV series’ quality always great, movies not so. Most new releases are fairly bad and waste download time and money. Dont mind to wait for good quality, but can you not warn us when quality is not up to standard plz?

  • Diana Weber Giba

    I have a premium account with Publish2Me, and it seems to be working alright for TV series downloads, but when I try to download a movie (and I’ve tried several)…I get a notice that “traffic limit is exceeded”. Is that y’all because according to Publish2Me I should be able to download with no limits. I don’t want to go stirring the pot if it’s a difficulty on our end and not theirs. Thank you so much!

  • Diana Weber Giba

    I see there’s a quality note in the descriptions of each movie, so I usually stay away from the CAMs.

  • Diana Weber Giba

    It seems to be OK this morning. so…. I guess even though Publish2Me SAYS there are no limits – there obviously are. Thanks!

  • Craighump

    yea BDRIP, DVRIP, are from dvd and bluray discs,
    HDRIP is just from an HD source usually a tv, and anything with TS keep away from as its just a cam that has filmed a TV screen, and WEBDL is usually a russian or asian copy so its either wait a few weeks for BDRIP or watch it in cinema if you want to see it that fast :)

  • Craighump

    the best way i have found is if you have a list of TV shows, go to each show save it as a fav, have a file on your fav bar called tv shows, you can even put them in order of when they are on so you just have to run down your list

  • Craighump

    this has more to do with your own download management than the site,
    Keep a list of your shows, what ep you have downloaded up to, then you just look on the show you want, compare to your list you can see if you have it or not, i find notepad good for this as you can even put the date of the next available downlaod (hint: the day after the date on IMBD)

  • jo

    keep2share membership twice my credit card had fraud

  • brendan

    can you fix the problems that have been reported please!!!!

  • fj098

    We are working on it!

  • wwcolflesh

    Why do I not find season 7 of (British) TV series George Gently

  • Chris Mills

    a way to ‘watch’ or be notified by email when better quality is uploaded would be great!

  • Maria Carmela Oma?a

    Lately most of the new episodes are above 500Mb wich free users on any sharing site cannot download… when asked if there is a chance to have lighter episodes the response pretty much was that i have to get a premium account (wich btw at least before eveyone who replied to my inquiries was a little nicer that the one that replied to me on the zoo season 1 page)… anyway… as many people who can’t have a premium account (my reason being that no matter if i have the money to pay for it my country won’t allow me to pay for it in $), so i was wondering wheter you still cared about the free users and would try to help in any way so that we get the episodes we want or just basically don’t care anymore?

  • Matrix

    Report broken link buton dont work, I usualy post and get great help and fix so iis no big deal!

    SO lets say it your the best !!!!

    Will buy Nitroflare from you when need to renew… Be sure your link work it was not a good link last time I check!

  • Lucy McCaughan

    Why are so many programmes so far behind? Normally I can get daily ones of interest however for the last week there is lmost none of my regulars available

  • fj098

    Sorry, there was a problem within a couple of days, everything will be restored. again apologize