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Nancy Drew (season 2)

4,828 views Comments (0)

Nancy Drew

18 episodes

Nancy Drew is a TV series starring Kennedy McMann, Leah Lewis, and Maddison Jaizani. Young Nancy Drew makes plans to leave her hometown for college after high school graduation, but finds herself drawn into a supernatural murder… (more…)


Black Lightning (season 4)

2,203 views Comments (0)

Black Lightning

13 episodes

Black Lightning is a TV series starring Nafessa Williams, Cress Williams, and China Anne McClain. A crusading school principal gets back into action as the original African-American electrical superhero. (more…)


Two Sentence Horror Stories (season 2)

800 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

Two Sentence Horror Stories is a TV series starring Wei-Yi Lin, Mardy Ma, and Hannah Barlow. This anthology series of terror features diverse characters facing primal fears in spine-chilling situations that stretch past daily… (more…)


Two Sentence Horror Stories (season 1)

793 views Comments (0)

Two Sentence Horror Stories

9 episodes

Two Sentence Horror Stories is a TV series starring Wei-Yi Lin, Mardy Ma, and Hannah Barlow. This anthology series of terror features diverse characters facing primal fears in spine-chilling situations that stretch past daily… (more…)


The Outpost (season 3)

8,423 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The Outpost is a TV series starring Jessica Green, Jake Stormoen, and Imogen Waterhouse. Talon, the lone survivor of the Blackbloods, sets off to track her family’s killers, and discovers her supernatural powers, which she must… (more…)


Pandora (season 2)

5,409 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

The distant future is 2119. Jax is a girl who does not yet know that she will become a heroine and influence the development of the whole universe. She lost her parents, friends, home and property. After a while, Jax enters the academy, where her uncle Osborn was rector. The Academy opened up great opportunities for the girl. At the same time, here she met unique personalities who had a variety of talents. Jax considers herself the most ordinary girl. However, the higher ranks know that she contains a great power that can change the world for the better. Her past contains many secrets that can affect the development of the universe. Until the girl gets to this point, she will have to go through numerous trials and experiments. (more…)


Supernatural (season 15)

9,607 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

Many years of struggle with evil is inexorably approaching its final. At least for the Winchester brothers, for many years looking for a mother who disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The search for a loved one, begun by the father of Dean and Sam, allowed the brothers to find out many unexpected facts about the long-standing confrontation between the forces of Light and Darkness. Involuntarily, the Winchesters were participants in a thousand-year struggle. The activity of the guys attracted the attention of the Lord of the Underworld itself. He at some point realized the degree of danger emanating from the Winchesters. It was not possible to deal with the brothers on the first attempt. However, the lord of the dark forces does not intend to deviate from his own insidious plan. Sam and Dean need to be extremely vigilant. (more…)


The 100 (season 7)

15,710 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

This is a continuation of the popular adventure television series. In 2019, the series was extended for the seventh season, which will be the final for the project. The post-apocalyptic drama is based on a book and tells the story of a group of teenagers trying to survive in the future in an ever-changing world. Radioactive radiation gave rise to the emergence of monstrous mutants that now inhabit the land. They are dangerous and aggressive and the heroes face an unequal battle in the struggle for survival. In the highlands they discover a cave in which, as it turned out, a few more representatives of the human race found their salvation. They have not undergone mutational changes, but are forced to hide in the depths of the cave, so as not to become victims of terrestrial inhabitants.


In the Dark (season 2)

4,182 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Murphy went blind when she was very young. When the girl realized that she had to spend her whole life in pitch darkness, she lost heart. Every day she got drunk to forget that she was disabled and could never return to normal. She was only 20 years old, but at the same time she felt like a deep old woman. Together with her in the apartment lives her cheerful girlfriend named Jess. Soon, another friend appears in her life, whom she once finds dead on the street. The girl begins her own investigation of the crime. (more…)


Roswell, New Mexico (season 2)

6,274 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Liz comes to her hometown of Roswell, located in New Mexico. Here, the main character meets her first school love, a guy named Max, who works in the police. The main character of the series “Roswell, New Mexico” is attacked and in order to save the life of his ex-lover, Max discovers his supernatural abilities lurking in him for many years. Further, the local policeman finds out even more incredible things. It turns out that he is a descendant of creatures of an alien race whose ship crashed within the city many decades ago.