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Riverdale (season 2)

13,757 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

The plot of the series “Riverdale” revolves around three friends. The best pupil of the school is tragically killed, the investigation of the incident begins. All is written off for an accident, but the brave trio decides to conduct their own investigation. It becomes clear that the inhabitants of their small town are not at all so respectable, honest, law-abiding as they want to seem. Local inhabitants hide many secrets, many of which will become known to adolescents. Lying, betraying, hypocrisy, meanness is not all they will have to face. Unforeseen circumstances, people and different situations make it difficult to understand the death of the best friend. The main character is confident that he will be able to get to the bottom of the truth, but he completely forgot about his beloved girl, the relationship with which has deteriorated noticeably.


Dynasty (season 1)

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22 episodes

The TV series “Dynasty” is a remake of the famous soap opera of the 1980s. It tells about the life of two families, who are rather wealthy and authoritative. They surely have families and difficult relations. And still it is necessary to control the oil business. In the center of the plot of the “Dynasty” – the confrontation of the two largest oil companies of the State of Colorado. And often the reasons for the rivalry are not business interests, but personal relations of company executives. Against the backdrop of this fight in the series shows the love story of the head of “Denver-Carrington” and the secretary of his company. (more…)


Jane the Virgin (season 4)

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Jane the Virgin

17 episodes

The main character named Jane was always brought up in rigor. The girl could not even think about the fact that at her young age one could go to some party. From an early age, Jane knew what modesty and discretion were. The heroine was really closely guarded, despite the fact that the family was in a difficult situation. Jane grew older and did not allow herself to hang around her neck to the first handsome guy he met. But suddenly the girl found herself pregnant! Who would have thought that it was Jane – a kind, sweet touchy victim of artificial insemination. This is how the girl’s life changes completely! The heroine simply does not know what to do next. In addition, it will be difficult to explain to your relatives what exactly happened. Everyone will be in shock – this is not to be doubted. It remains only to get acquainted with the baby’s father and find any contact with this person. Jane hopes that in the future everything will be fine and her child will grow big and smart, like the main character herself. But does everyone agree with this?


Black Lightning (season 1)

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Black Lightning

13 episodes

The American Fantastic TV series “Black Lightning” is dedicated to the superhero Black Lightning, who can conduct and control electricity. Years ago, he made a promise to his wife and children, that he would give up the fight against evil in order to devote more time to the family. A few years later, the protagonist understands that his act led to a huge increase in crime in the city. He decides to return to the fight against crime.


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (season 3)

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18 episodes

The series “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow ” will tell about Rip Hunter – a brilliant inventor and time traveler, after seeing a terrible future, is sent in our time to assemble a team of modern heroes and villains, trying to avoid the apocalypse. With some effort, Hunter manages to find a group of people who have phenomenal abilities. Our heroes have to go to another era to stop the terrible Vandal Savage, who was going to destroy not only the whole world, but also Time in general. Will this team be able to defeat the immortal evil, absolutely unlike what they saw before? (more…)


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (season 3)

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

13 episodes

In the center of the plot of the series “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is the single woman Rebecca, who after ten years meets her school love, a guy named Josh. Rebecca decides to quit a prestigious job as a lawyer in New York to go to a small town near Los Angeles. People live a quiet, measured life. And all of a sudden the errant New York lawyer Rebecca falls over them. After finding a job in a local law firm, Rebecca gets acquainted with employees, as well as with a local youth company, into which Josh is admitted. A long series of episodes begin, in which the main character tries to draw the lover’s attention to herself, to ward off him from his fiancee Valencia, and also gets into different funny stories with new friends.


Valor (season 1)

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13 episodes

“Valor” this is a military drama about an elite detachment of helicopter pilots trained to carry out secret international and internal operations and about the only woman in the detachment of helicopter pilots, who every day will have to prove that she takes her place. The occupation is not female, but she is a real soldier and even receives a government award. The detachment is designed to carry out secret international and internal assignments. Nora returns to her thoughts in the past, remembering the unfortunate mission where she happened to participate. Saving a group of soldiers from captivity, she finds the strength and courage to act hard and clearly. Having lost the helicopter, leaving the pursuers, she saves her comrades. And incidentally reveals the state secret. (more…)


iZombie (season 3)

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13 episodes

“iZombie” is series about the girl whose life has cardinally changed after the next party. Olivia “Liv” Moore studies in medical institution and it so happened that she has turned into the zombie. Her appearance has cardinally changed, and she became similar to representatives of Gothic subculture. The girl gets a job to one doctor to have an opportunity to eat brains. They allow Liv to look as a man. However, eating brains, the heroine inherits memoirs of a corpse. The doctor has learned her secret, and now he, Liv and the detective of police, investigate murders of people whose brains are eaten by the main character. (more…)


The Originals (season 4)

17,256 views Comments (12)


13 episodes

In the center of a plot of a fantasy TV series “The Originals” there are several main characters of popular American series “The Vampire Diaries”.
Klaus one of those who belongs to so-called “Original”. He is an amazing creature because he combines abilities of two races of vampire and werewolf, and therefore is very dangerous and practically not vulnerable. After a number of incidents, Claus decides to leave this place and to return to New Orlean which once long ago he helped to build. Here without any problems there are most various religions, and also there live supernatural beings. In New Orlean Klaus meets his former companion Marcel who now rules the town. He is sure that Marcel will help him to find answers to the questions tormenting him for a llong time.


Reign (season 4)

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16 episodes

The series narrates about events of 1557. The queen of Scotland, Maria, since the childhood was hidden in the monastery. Her nuns helped her to avoid the rivals, villains. But is time to come back to the castle and to become not only the titled queen, but also the wife of prince Francis with whom the girl has been betrothed several years ago. The basis of all imperial life is made by smart plans and intrigues. The king looks at a marriage only as for the way to approach other country and to make the power on a more substantial scale and more strong. It is about pure feelings and inclinations only in heart of Maria who having at once arrived to the castle, appears in the center of gossips. “Kingdom” tells about coming to power of Maria, about her love, about her aspirations and character. Maria becomes a light ray in a darkness kingdom where powers of darkness and sexual intrigues govern. (more…)