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The Flash (season 6)

13,239 views Comments (0)

The Flash

19 episodes

The Flash is a TV series starring Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker. After being struck by lightning, Barry Allen wakes up from his coma to discover he’s been given the power of super speed, becoming the Flash,… (more…)


Supergirl (season 5)

13,286 views Comments (0)


19 episodes

Kara Danvers is an ordinary American girl who has worked hard for a long time as a secretary in a large publishing corporation. However, few people know that in fact the first 12 years the main character spent on another planet – Krypton. But on one dark day, parents left the borders of their native state with their children, since Krypton was forever destroyed. On Earth, she ends up in a foster family. The cheerful family did not realize that the beauty was endowed with amazing powerful abilities. The girl does not want to tell the public about her unique gift, but Supergirl is forced to show her true face when suddenly a huge airliner crashes. (more…)


Batwoman (season 1)

16,864 views Comments (0)


20 episodes

Kate Kane is the cousin of Bruce Wayne. She is also insanely rich and forever had a prosperous life. Her father was a military man, he trained his daughter from an early age. The heroine has various skills of a high-class fighter, and she knows many martial arts techniques. Recently, the girl is tired of watching how criminality seizes pieces of power in her town. Despite the work of the police, the situation catastrophically came to a standstill. The heroine observes how crime in Gotham captures managerial posts in the city. The girl understands that it is time to do something with this situation, it must be radically changed. (more…)


Riverdale (season 4)

9,031 views Comments (0)


19 episodes

In one small American town, the body of the son of one of the most influential families of the city was found. The search for the criminal is delayed because many people, as it turned out, could have motives for killing Jason Blossom. Archie Andrews, passionate about music and his teacher, is trying to uncover the mystery of death with his friends. Each new day is an interesting event that tells about the fate of the main characters.


Charmed (season 2)

12,044 views Comments (0)


19 episodes

Three sisters became owners of magical power, which is transmitted to their family through the female line. The elder sister for a long time did not know about the existence of the sisters, but fate would have liked to unite the girls to fight the dark forces. When they are together, their strength makes them invincible. Each girl received special magical abilities as a gift. So, the older sister can move objects with the power of thought, the middle sister can freeze everything around, the younger one can read thoughts. Girls will have to perfect all their new skills in practice. During the day they lead a normal measured life, but as soon as night falls, the girls go to war with evil.


Nancy Drew (season 1)

12,460 views Comments (0)

Nancy Drew

18 episodes

18-year-old Nancy Drew, after graduating from high school, is going to relax in the summer on vacation. She intended to leave her hometown to go to college there, but a brutal murder was committed at that time. And Nancy is always in places where accidents, abductions, deaths occur. Due to such a curse, she decided to study as a detective. But the new series “Nancy Drew” will focus specifically on the book series, and will not be a remake of any of the previous adaptations.


Legacies (season 2)

7,574 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

In the center of the story is 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson and other children with supernormal abilities. The action of the series “Legacies” takes place in a school. Here they are trained to improve their skills, overcome themselves and their villainous impulses and learn to fight their worst enemies and try to maintain a fragile balance in the world. This spin-off of The Vampire Diaries talks about a new generation of defenders.


Black Lightning (season 3)

7,541 views Comments (0)


16 episodes

The main character Jefferson Pierce has long had incredible powers that allow him to fight with representatives of the criminal world. Many years ago, a man abandoned his business, deciding that a simple personal life and enjoying family life is better than constantly running around for criminals. True, the Hundred gang haunts his hometown. Many years later, Black Lightning returns to defend ordinary people.


All American (season 2)

6,368 views Comments (0)

All American

16 episodes

Spencer is educated in a simple school. He studies quite successfully. In his free time, the guy plays American football. Once he is noticed by a professional trainer and invites him to play in his team. The hero did not think long. He accepts the offer and goes to another city. From this moment everything in the guy’s life changes. He needs to overcome the negative attitude of other players towards himself and become a successful person in society. How will the hero succeed, will show the second season of the series “All American”. (more…)


Arrow (season 8)

5,676 views Comments (0)


10 episodes

This superhero crime drama television series tells the story of Oliver Queen. He lived a carefree and reckless life, like a playboy. But, one day, his yacht was shipwrecked near a remote island. As a result, Oliver lost all the benefits of civilization overnight. He was forced to survive on a hostile island in the midst of harsh wildlife. As a result, Oliver changed his mind about many things. Thanks to a successful combination of circumstances, Oliver was found and saved. Upon arrival in his hometown, Oliver’s behavior seemed rather strange. On the one hand, he continued to live his former life. On the other hand, Oliver’s relatives noticed that he had become completely different. (more…)