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Veronica Mars (season 4)

2,590 views Comments (0)

Veronica Mars

8 episodes

Key events unfold in a small town located in California. The local police have little work, because honest, fair and law-abiding citizens live in a quiet place. Once there is a terrible incident – a brutal murder. The victim is the daughter of a famous businessman. After some time, law enforcement officers find the killer and put him in jail. The man confessed to the crime. All the townsfolk calmed down, but not the acting sheriff Keith Mars and his daughter, the former girlfriend of the murdered person. It seems to two heroes that an innocent person is in prison, and the real criminal is walking free. (more…)


Pandora (season 1)

9,191 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

Events unfold in 2199. Having lost everything that was dear to her, the main heroine of the series “Pandora” Jax begins a new life at the Academy of Space Training of the Earth. She and her new friends are learning to protect the galaxy from alien and internal threats. But as soon as the secrets of her past begin to surface, Jax goes in search of answers to questions about her mission and the role she must play in the fate of humanity. (more…)


The Outpost (season 2)

10,920 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

The plot revolves around a girl named Talon. Her village and the whole family was cut out by some people. She is the only one who survived, because for some reason one of the invaders saved her. The girl belongs to the ancient genus of black-blooded creatures. They have ears like elves and black blood. They are the “bridge” between our world and the world of demons. Now she is an adult warrior and craves death. And rest assured, she will find all these mercenaries, as well as the main customer.


iZombie (season 5)

9,554 views Comments (0)


13 episodes

At the heart of this television series “iZombie” is the eponymous series of comic books, the creators of which are Chris Roberson and Michael Allred. One of the highlights of this series were the bright, memorable comic strip screensavers that in the title credits, that between the scenes in the narrative itself. They were created by the artist Michael Allred. The unusualness of the series begins with the fact that the idea of the “rationality” of zombies is put at the forefront here. (more…)


Jane the Virgin (season 5)

26,430 views Comments (0)

Jane the Virgin

19 episodes

The main character of the series is a nice, kind girl who was always brought up in strictness, so Jane grew up very decent and modest. But youth makes its own adjustments, and soon her life will turn upside down once and for all when Jane is artificially impregnated by chance. Now a girl who has never met with guys is waiting for a child. How did it happen? Of course, not without the mistakes of doctors. The main character of the series “Jane the Virgin” should now tell the story to her close ones, who, of course, will react in a very peculiar way. Soon Jane will meet with the father of the child and understand what to do next in this situation. (more…)


In the Dark (season 1)

8,992 views Comments (0)

In the Dark

13 episodes

In the center of the dramatic series “In the Dark” is the blind girl Murphy. One day she became the only witness to the murder of her friend-dragdiler. Skeptical police forces her to go looking for a hitman for a couple with his dog. At the same time, the main character tries to establish her own life. The investigation is quickly terminated and the case is closed. But the main character is no the main character is not ready to accept. (more…)


The Flash (season 5)

25,922 views Comments (0)

The Flash

22 episodes

Young man Barry Allen grew up without a mother. She died at the hands of an unknown killer, but in the woman’s death the father of the main character was blamed. Allen chose the profession of forensic medical expert to eventually find the culprit in this case. On the way to solving the mystery the protagonist is faced with an amazing device of Harrison Wells – particle accelerator. However, the accident in the complex takes Allen by surprise. He receives a discharge of lightning and falls into a long coma. After coming to life, Barry discovers amazing abilities that allow him to move at an incredible speed.


Supergirl (season 4)

22,866 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

The plot of the series “Supergirl” is quite simple – the main character Kara Danvers, the cousin of the Man of Steel, begins her superhero journey, and we are watching this. However, there is no need to be bored, mainly due to the mixture of human and alien problems, in total giving an interesting wrapped plot. Against the background of developing events in the present occur and excursions into the past, in childhood Supergirl on the home planet.


Charmed (season 1)

17,160 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

In the center of events there are three sisters who learn that they have magical abilities, and the power of their three can defeat any evil. Each sister has her own gift, someone has a more developed one, someone, on the contrary, is just beginning to learn its strength. Each episode shows us how sisters save innocent people with their abilities. The series “Charmed” is not only a struggle between good and evil. It is also everyday life: here we are shown love, friendship, family relations, children, and much more.


Dynasty (season 2)

16,599 views Comments (0)


22 episodes

The series will tell about the enmity between the Carrington and Colby families, which are America’s wealthiest families, their struggle for prestige and a place in the sun for their children, the struggle for managing the company, young wives of adult parents, lovers – drivers, getting information in all ways, beautiful life and private planes. In the center of the plot of the series “Dynasty” there are two girls: Fallon and her future stepmother, Crystal. Fallon’s mother left her husband and left her daughter, and now the girl is in a difficult relationship with her father.